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Houston Geological Society Bulletin


Houston Geological Society Bulletin, Volume 9, No. 5, January 1967. Pages 17-17.

Abstract: Structural Geology of Keechi Previous HitSaltNext Hit Previous HitDomeNext Hit, Anderson County, Texas*


Gerald Keith Ebanks
University of Texas, M. A. Thesis, January 1966

The Keechi Previous HitSaltNext Hit Previous HitDomeNext Hit, one of the seventeen Interior Previous HitSaltNext Hit Domes of East Texas, is located in central Anderson County, Texas. This Previous HitsaltNext Hit Previous HitdomeNext Hit lies in the south-central portion of the East Texas Embayment, a northward extension of the Gulf Coast Geosyncline. Upper Cretaceous marls and Lower Tertiary sands and clays crop out as a result of the uplift, with about 4200 feet of structural uplift un the lowermost exposed strata.

The Previous HitsaltNext Hit core, which is only 435 feet below the ground surface at the shallowest known point, is roughly egg-shaped in plan view and possesses an overhang on the south and southeast sides. The strata overlying the Previous HitsaltNext Hit have been steeply domed and complexly faulted by the rise of the Previous HitsaltNext Hit core. This fault pattern is dominantly radial, with one large fault, the Link Fault, crossing the entire Previous HitdomeTop from northeast to southwest.

Major periods of inferred movement took place in late Comanchean and early Gulfian, and early Tertiary times.

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