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Houston Geological Society Bulletin


Houston Geological Society Bulletin, Volume 18, No. 9, May 1976. Pages 2-2.

Abstract: Integrated Disciplines in Petroleum Exploration


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Modern petroleum exploration for major reserves requires the integration of many scientific disciplines. In addition to the basic geological subjects studied at universities, the explorationist must make use of geophysics, micropaleontology, and E-log analysis. Very few, if any, explorationists can qualify as experts in all of these fields. However, it is necessary that they be familiar with what can be accomplished by utilizing the combined contributions of experts in these individual disciplines.

Abundant and abrupt facies changes, growth and postdepositional faulting, and precise correlations (based on a combination of micropaleontology and E-logs) collectively, require the expertise of a team of specialists. This is true both onshore and offshore. Typical examples are taken from the Tertiary of the Gulf Coast, Nigeria, and South Africa where all of these variables are abundantly present. Examples range from the marginal-marine deltaic and inter-deltaic to neritic, bathyal, and abyssal depositional environments.

A model organizational chart is presented which can be modified to fit any stratigraphic-structural situation.

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