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Houston Geological Society Bulletin


Houston Geological Society Bulletin, Volume 37, No. 10, June 1995. Pages 13-13.

Abstract: A Model for the Evolution of Previous HitSaltNext Hit Diapirs and Previous HitSaltNext Hit Previous HitDomeNext Hit Overhang, East Texas Basin


Rick Turner
Enron Oil and Gas Company

Seismic and well log data at Brushy Creek Previous HitDomeNext Hit in Anderson County, Texas, show an orderly sequence of events leading to the development of the Previous HitsaltNext Hit Previous HitdomeNext Hit overhang. Previous HitDomeNext Hit development begins with a Previous HitsaltNext Hit anticline that swells to the point of crestal breeching. A Previous HitsaltNext Hit stock grows with sedimentation. From the breeched anticline, overhang development results from a second period of growth after a cycle of burial. The overlying beds are uplifted, and the Previous HitsaltNext Hit spreads laterally along bedding planes that are splayed apart.

The overhang growth ends when the underlying Previous HitsaltNext Hit chamber is evacuated and one limb of the anticline is downthrown into the Previous HitsaltNext Hit cavity along a "closed vent fault". The sequence of events has been generalized into a model that applies to domes at intermediate basin depths (<20,000 feet basin thickness).

Since the Previous HitsaltNext Hit stock is made smaller by the sediment collapse into the Previous HitsaltNext Hit cavity, and the structure beneath the overhang on the uncollapsed side of the Previous HitdomeNext Hit is generally high, petroleum accumulation can be expected below the Previous HitsaltNext Hit Previous HitdomeTop overhang.

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