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Houston Geological Society Bulletin


Houston Geological Society Bulletin, Volume 40, No. 10, June 1998. Pages 11-11.

Abstract: 3-D Visualization and Validation of Structures in Complex Compressional Terranes


Peter Bentham and Sandro Serra
Amoco, Houston, TX

Exploration for and production of hydrocarbons within compressional terranes continues to provide stiff challenges for our industry. Our ability to effectively acquire and analyze the data needed to make informed geotechnical decisions in such areas is inhibited by a number of geologic and non-geologic factors. It is crucial that the available data be used and integrated in a timely fashion, and that appropriate tools and technologies be applied during the evaluation process. The marriage of 2-D seismic data, Previous HitbalancedTop 2-D structural interpretations, surface outcrop and well-data is best done interactively within a dedicated three-dimensional environment.

Development of viable structural interpretations that integrate all of the available structural information requires a sound understanding of structural geologic concepts as well as an ability to rapidly evaluate complex geometric relationships in three-dimensions. Recently developed 3-D structural geologic tools are now available that allow an expert user to easily manipulate and integrate large volumes of data collected from both the surface and subsurface with compressional systems. The application of such tools, and how they have impacted the business of fold and thrust belt exploration within Amoco will be the subject of this presentation.

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