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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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Peripheral Faulting at Bayou Blue Salt Dome, Iberville Parish, Louisiana

William R. Mais

Texture as Characteristic of Clastic Deposition

R. Passega

Base-Level Control Patterns in Cyclothemic Sedimentation

Harry E. Wheeler , Haydn H. Murray

Paleoecology of Nodulose Zone at Top of Haskell Limestone (Upper Pennsylvanian) in Kansas

Halsey W. Miller , Ada Swineford

Distribution of Recent Foraminifera Off West Coast of Central America

Orville L. Bandy , Robert E. Arnal

Shelf-Edge, Calcareous Prominences in Northeastern Gulf of Mexico

John C. Ludwick , William R. Walton

Results of 1957 Nationwide Geology Examination Offered by United States Civil Service Commission: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

R. E. Van Alstine

Suggested Abbreviations for Lithologic Descriptions: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

James G. Mitchell , John C. Maher

Nature, Usage, and Definition of Marker-Defined Vertically Segregated Rock Units: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

James M. Forgotson, Jr.

Mid-Tertiary Rock Outcrop on Continental Shelf, Northwest Gulf of Mexico: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Robert R. Lankford , Joseph R. Curray

Structural Control of Landforms, Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Dorsey Hager

Potassium-Argon Dating of Igneous Rocks: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

J. F. Evernden , G. H. Curtis , J. Lipson

Burgner Formation, Pre-Desmoinesian Pennsylvanian Deposit in Southwestern Missouri: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Walter V. Searight , Ernest J. Palmer

Trenton Structure in Ohio, Indiana, and Northern Illinois: DISCUSSION

J. Marvin Weller, Darsie A. Green

Flysch and Molasse: DISCUSSION

John E. Sanders, G. O. Cecioni

Lithologic Versus Stratigraphic Concepts: DISCUSSION

J. R. Patterson , T. P. Storey