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Permian System of Colorado Plateau

D. L. Baars

Facies and Sedimentary Environments of Albert Shale, New Brunswick

H. R. Greiner

Crustal Structure in Regions Bordering Pacific Ocean: ABSTRACT

Clarence R. Allen

Variation in Laboratory Populations of Two Geographical Subspecies of an Apogamic Miliolid Foraminifer: ABSTRACT

Zach M. Arnold

Forecast of Exploration and Development of Salt-Dome Structures of Louisiana Continental Shelf: ABSTRACT

Gordon I. Atwater

Terrestrial to Marine Transition of Heavy Minerals: ABSTRACT

E. Azmon

California Offshore Geology and Exploration: ABSTRACT

T. A. Baldwin

Cenozoic Foraminiferal Zonation and Basinal Development for Part of Philippines: ABSTRACT

Orville L. Bandy

Phylogenetic Trends in Mississippian Pentremites: ABSTRACT

H. H. Beaver

Late Cretaceous Biostratigraphy in Los Banos Creek Area, California: ABSTRACT

Allan P. Bennison

Permian Fusulinids in Eastern Nevada--Paleoecologic Implications: ABSTRACT

Harold J. Bissell

Late Devonian--Early Mississippian Correlations Central Wasatch Mountains, Utah: ABSTRACT

James E. Brooks

The Exploration Team: ABSTRACT

K. H. Crandall

Spore-Pollen Correlation of Cretaceous Rocks of Northern and Southern Hemispheres: ABSTRACT

R. A. Couper

Plant Microfossils and Geology: ABSTRACT

Aureal T. Cross

Recent Estuarian and Marine Sediments, Coos Bay Area, Oregon: ABSTRACT

Jon C. Cummings

Marine Sedimentation of Clastic Volcanic Strata: ABSTRACT

William R. Dickinson

Future of Oil Exploration Abroad: ABSTRACT

James T. Duce

Late Mesozoic Sedimentation and Orogenesis along Southwestern Oregon Coast: ABSTRACT

R. H. Dott, Jr.

Paleoecology of Pamlico Formation (Late Pleistocene), Horry County, South Carolina: ABSTRACT

Jules R. Du Bar, James R. Chaplin, James R. Solliday

Automatic Acquisition, Processing, and Interpretation of Geologic Data: ABSTRACT

J. W. Earley

Paleoecology of Devonian Swan Hills Reef, Alberta, Canada: ABSTRACT

Ralph W. Edie

Exploring the Continental Crust of Western United States: ABSTRACT

J. P. Eaton, L. C. Pakiser, W. H. Jackson, S. W. Stewart, D. J. Stuart

Paleoecology, an Exploration Tool in Southern Paradox Basin, Four Corners Area: ABSTRACT

Gregory K. Elias

Conodonts from Trans-Pecos Paleozolc of Texas: ABSTRACT

Samuel P. Ellison, Jr.

Geology and Tectonics of Trinidad Mountains, Las Villas Province, Cuba: ABSTRACT

Rene L. Engel

Dinoflagellates and Their Use in Petroleum Geology: ABSTRACT

William R. Evitt

Application of Digital Computers to Exploration Operations: ABSTRACT

James M. Forgotson, Jr.

Paleoecology of Scottish Mississippian Marine Transgression: ABSTRACT

Laing Ferguson

Sedimentary Basins and Petroleum Exploration in Japan: ABSTRACT

Helen L. Foster

Fluid Flow in Variable Density Ground-Water Systems: ABSTRACT

S. M. Foulks, C. W. Brown

Internal Structure of Massive Sandstones: ABSTRACT

W. K. Hamblin

Direct Printing of Contour Maps of Facies Data by Computer: ABSTRACT

John W. Harbaugh

Cross Stratification in Sands of Red River, Louisiana: ABSTRACT

J. C. Harms, D. B. MacKenzie, D. G. McCubbin

Molluscan Biofacies in Calcareous Sediments of Gulf of Batabano, Cuba: ABSTRACT

C. W. Hoskins

Comparison of Conditions Affecting Exploration in South America: ABSTRACT

Arthur S. Huey

Factor Analysis in Geology: ABSTRACT

John Imbrie

Subsurface Palynology in Madagascar: Permian, Triassic, and Jurassic of Morondava Basin: ABSTRACT

B. de Jekhowsky, N. Goubin

Sedimentary Basins and Exploration for Oil and Gas in California: ABSTRACT

John E. Kilkenny

Applied Paleozoic Palynology: ABSTRACT

Robert M. Kosanke

Computer Analysis of Stratigraphic Maps: ABSTRACT

W. C. Krumbein

Normal Paraffin Hydrocarbons in Recent Sediments from San Francisco Bay, California: ABSTRACT

Keith A. Kvenvolden

Cook Inlet Basin--Structure, Stratigraphy, Exploration Techniques, Logistics, Discoveries: ABSTRACT

Harold M. Lian, Russel R. Simonsen

Stratigraphic and Paleoecologic Significance of Tertiary Diatoms of California and Nevada: ABSTRACT

Kenneth E. Lohman

Geologic History of Pacific Basin: ABSTRACT

H.W. Menard

Precambrian Basement Rock Types in Mid-Continent Region: ABSTRACT

Daniel F. Merriam, William W. Hambleton, Virgil B. Cole

Distribution of Late Cretaceous and Early Tertiary Non-Marine Strata in West-Central Alberta: ABSTRACT

William M. Merrill

Geology and Exploration in Philippine Islands: ABSTRACT

William R. Merrill, Duncan A. McNaughton

Heavy Minerals of Pre-Morrison Jurassic Rocks, Lucero Uplift, Northwestern New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Arthur Mirsky, Samuel B. Treves

Calcium Carbonate from Non-Coralline Algae: ABSTRACT

Ralph Moberly, Jr.

Origin and Distribution of Deep-Sea Sand-Silt Layers in Northeast Pacific: ABSTRACT

Y. Rammohanroy Nayudu

Rhythmic Linear Sand Bodies Caused by Tidal Currents: ABSTRACT

Ted Off

Reef-Building Biota from Late Pennsylvanian Reefs, Sacramento Mountains, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

James M. Parks

Tectonic Implications of Some New Mesozoic Stratigraphic Data on Alaska: ABSTRACT

William W. Patton, Jr., Arthur Grantz

Petrology of Jeffersonville Limestone (Middle Devonian) of Southeastern Indiana: ABSTRACT

Ronald D. Perkins

Origin and Distribution of Glauconites and Related Clay Aggregates on Sea Floor off Southern California: ABSTRACT

W. L. Pratt

Seismicity of Circum-Pacific Belt: ABSTRACT

C. F. Richter

Geological and Geophysical Implications of Mohole Project: ABSTRACT

William R. Riedel

Textural Classification of Reservoir Rocks: ABSTRACT

Robert B. Robinson

Quantitative Study of Athleta Petrosa Stock in Eocene of Texas: ABSTRACT

Peter U. Rodda, John W. Dietrich, W. L. Fisher

Oil-Bearing Analogs of Modern Calcareous Sedimentary Fabrics in Low-Energy Environment: ABSTRACT

P. O. Roehl

Geology Reaches Computer Age: ABSTRACT

Melvin A. Rosenfeld

Fusulinid Assemblages from Late Pennyslvanian and Early Permian of Southeastern Arizona: ABSTRACT

Charles A. Ross, Floyd F. Sabins, Jr.

Important Factors for Micropaleontologic Investigation in Petroleum Geology: ABSTRACT

W. T. Rothwell, Jr.

Stratigraphy, Petrography, and Paleoecology of Bisti Stratigraphic Trap, San Juan Basin: ABSTRACT

Floyd F. Sabins, Jr.

North-South-Trending Submarine Ridge Composed of Coarse Sand Off False Cape, Virginia: ABSTRACT

John E. Sanders

Modern Coastal Swamp Sediments of Southwestern Florida, and Their Usefulness in Recognizing Ancient Coastal Swamp Deposits: ABSTRACT

David W. Scholl

Russian Palynology Today: Literature and Application to Exploration: ABSTRACT

James M. Schopf

Petroleum Geology of Coastal Peru and Ecuador: ABSTRACT

Irving T. Schwade

Comparison of Plio-Miocene Sedimentation of Gulf Coast with Atokan Sedimentation of Arkoma Basin: ABSTRACT

Berton J. Scull

Early Diagenesis: Composition of Interstitial Waters of Recent Marine Muds: ABSTRACT

Raymond Siever, Robert Garrels

Significant 1961 Exploration Developments Exclusive of North America: ABSTRACT

G. Wendell Smith, Mobil International Exploration Staff

Tertiary Geologic History of Western Oregon and Washington: ABSTRACT

Parke D. Snavely, Jr., Holly C. Wagner

Sand-Grain Orientation and Imbrication in Turbidity-Current Sandstones: ABSTRACT

J. H. Spotts

Middle Tertiary Vertebrate Fauna from Australia: ABSTRACT

R. A. Stirton

Comparison of Three Cretaceous Spore-Pollen Assemblages from Maryland and England: ABSTRACT

L. E. Stover

Dolomite in Modern Carbonate Sediments, Southern Florida: ABSTRACT

William H. Taft

Sedimentary Basins and Oil Developments in Indonesia: ABSTRACT

Hans E. Thalmann

Sacramento and Northern San Joaquin Valley Gas Areas: ABSTRACT

D. H. Thamer, A. S. Hawley

Submicronic Structure of Fossil Coccolithophorids: ABSTRACT

K. M. Towe, W. W. Hay

Palynology and Time-Stratigraphic Determinations: ABSTRACT

Robert H. Tschudy

Recent Petroleum Developments in Oregon and Washington: ABSTRACT

Grant M. Valentine

Progress Report on Late Tertiary and Quaternary Ostracod Faunas of Caribbean: ABSTRACT

W. A. Van Den Bold

California Earthquakes--Pictorial Review: ABSTRACT

V. L. Vanderhoof

Machine Digitizing and Processing of Geological Data Obtained from Well Logs: ABSTRACT

Fred J. Wagner

Devonian Calcareous Foraminifera from Arrow Canyon Range, Clark County, Nev.: ABSTRACT

R. H. Waines

Biostratigraphy of Lower Permian Hueco Group, Hueco Mountains, Texas: ABSTRACT

Thomas E. William

Palynology and Determination of Ancient Environments: ABSTRACT

L. R. Wilson

Stratigraphic Distribution of Diatom Floras in Type Monterey Formation and in "Sisquoc" Formation of Santa Maria District, California: ABSTRACT

W. W. Wornardt

Palynology of Paleozoic Rocks of Libya: ABSTRACT

John L. Wray