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Petroleum Developments in Mexico in 1966

Federico Mina Uhink

Review of 1966 Petroleum Developments in South America, Central America, and Caribbean Area

W. H. Hadley , C. H. Neff

Petroleum Exploration and Production in Europe in 1966

Robert E. King

Petroleum Developments in North Africa in 1966

J. N. Bowerman

Petroleum Developments in Central and Southern Africa in 1966

Eugene A. Cordry

Petroleum Developments in Middle East Countries in 1966

John F. Mason , Quentin M. Moore

Petroleum Developments in Far East in 1966

Howard W. Dalton

Petroleum Developments in Southwest Pacific Region During 1966

Eric A. Rudd, David Kear

Heavy Oil Situation in Western Missouri: ABSTRACT

K. H. Anderson, J. S. Wells

Regional Oil Possibilities of Abilene-Nemaha Anticline Area, Northeast Kansas: ABSTRACT

Donald M. Brown

Stratigraphic Applications of Dipmeter Data in Mid-Continent: ABSTRACT

R. L. Campbell, Jr.

Early Paleozoic Overlap, Southern Mid-Continent: ABSTRACT

P. A. Chenoweth

Pre-Permian Paleozoic Strata of Las Animas Arch--New Oil Province: ABSTRACT

Joseph R. Clair, Richard W. Volk

Petroleum Hydrogeology: ABSTRACT

Parke A. Dickey

Dalhart Basin Challenges the Exploration Geologist: ABSTRACT

George Dobervich, Ira D. Taylor

Mississippian Rocks of Western Kansas: ABSTRACT

Edwin D. Goebel

Unit Regional Value Concept and its Application to Kansas: ABSTRACT

John C. Griffiths

Some Interesting Aspects of Carbonate Oil Accumulation in Mid-Continent Area: ABSTRACT

John F. Harris

Ordovician Oil in Sedgwick Embayment: ABSTRACT

Charles R. King

Use of Clay Mineralogy in Determining Source of Basin Sands: ABSTRACT

Fred H. Manley, Jr.

Deposition of Chester Sandstones of Mississippian Age in Southwestern Kansas: ABSTRACT

D. W. Marden

An Application of Directional Features and Scalar Properties of Sediments to Hydrocarbon Exploration: ABSTRACT

Gary A. McDaniel

Cherokee Sand Possibilities, Central Kansas: ABSTRACT

George N. Mueller

Depositional Environment of Spiro Sands in Arkoma Basin: ABSTRACT

Ray H. Potts, Jr.

Application of Trend Analysis to Pre-Morrow Surface, Southeastern Hugoton Embayment Area: ABSTRACT

Martin W. Schramm, Jr.

Geophysical Evidence of Untapped or Insufficiently Explored Parts of Stratigraphic Sections: ABSTRACT

Hugh M. Thralls

Basis for Red Fork Sandstone Exploration in Northwest Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

Phil C. Withrow