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Basin Development and Tectonic History of the Llanos Basin, Eastern Cordillera, and Middle Magdalena Valley, Colombia

M. A. Cooper , F. T. Addison , R. Alvarez , M. Coral , R. H. Graham , A. B. Hayward , S. Howe , J. Martinez , J. Naar , R. Penas , A. J. Pulham , A. Taborda

Petroleum Geology of the Cusiana Field, Llanos Basin Foothills, Colombia

E. C. Cazier, A. B. Hayward , G. Espinosa, J. Velandia , J-F. Mugniot , W. G. Leel Jr. (5)

The Use of Visible and Near-Infrared Reflectance Spectra for Estimating Organic Matter Thermal Maturity

Lawrence C. Rowan , Forrest G. Poole , Mark J. Pawlewicz

Recognition of an Infracambrian Source Rock Based on Biomarkers in the Baghewala-1 Oil, India

K. E. Peters , M. E. Clark , U. Das Gupta , M. A. McCaffrey (5), C. Y. Lee

Recognition of Forebulge Unconformities Associated with Early Stage Foreland Basin Development: Example from the North Alpine Foreland Basin

S. L. Crampton , P. A. Allen

Chemical Kinetic Model of Hydrocarbon Generation, Expulsion, and Destruction Applied to the Maracaibo Basin, Venezuela

Jerry J. Sweeney , Robert L. Braun , Alan K. Burnham , Suhas Talukdar , Carlos Vallejos

Hydrocarbon Generation and Migration Routes in the East Texas Basin: DISCUSSION

K. F. M. Thompson