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Sedimentology, Organic Geochemistry, and Petroleum Potential of Jurassic Coal Measures: Tarim, Junggar, and Turpan Basins, Northwest China

Marc S. Hendrix , Simon C. Brassell , Alan R. Carroll , Stephan A. Graham (5)

The Influence of Preexisting Structure and Halokinesis on Organic Matter Preservation and Thrust System Evolution in the Ionian Basin, Northwest Greece

Vassilis Karakitsios

Paleosols in the Upper Guantao Formation (Miocene) of the Gudong Oil Field and Their Application to the Correlation of Fluvial Deposits

Liangmiao Ye

Large-Scale Underpressuring in the Mississippian-Cretaceous Succession, Southwestern Alberta Basin

Stefan Bachu, J. R. Underschultz

New Insights on Natural Hydraulic Fractures Induced by Abnormally High Pore Pressures

Terrell W. Miller

Stratigraphic Architecture of the Tonganoxie Paleovalley Fill (Lower Virgilian) in Northeastern Kansas

Howard R. Feldman , Martin R. Gibling , Allen W. Archer , Winton G. Wightman , William P. Lanier (5)

Heterogeneous Distribution of Calcite Cement at the Outcrop Scale in Tertiary Sandstones, Northern Apennines, Italy

Earle F. McBride , Kitty L. Milliken , William Cavazza , Ubaldo Cibin , Daniela Fontana (5), M. Dane Picard (6), Gian Gaspare Zuffa

Diffusion of Methane and Ethane Through the Reservoir Cap Rock: Implications For the Timing and Duration of Catagenesis

Jon S. Nelson , E. C. Simmons

Factors Necessary to Define a Pressure Seal: Discussion

Zhiyong He, Jeff Corrigan

Factors Necessary to Define a Pressure Seal: Reply

David Deming