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Coupled stratigraphic and petroleum system modeling: Examples from the Ordos Basin, China

Keyu Liu, Jianliang Liu, Xiu Huang

The prediction of organic-rich reservoir facies within the Late Pennsylvanian Cline shale (also known as Wolfcamp D), Midland Basin, Texas

Stacy C. Atchley, Brian T. Crass, Kieron C. Prince

Passive versus active salt diapirism

Mark G. Rowan, Katherine A. Giles

Geochemistry of high-maturity crude oil and gas from deep reservoirs and their geological significance: A case study on Shuntuoguole low uplift, Tarim Basin, western China

Zhonghong Chen, Zhi Chai, Bin Cheng, Hua Liu, Yingchang Cao, Zicheng Cao, Jiangxiu Qu

Timing and origin of multiple petroleum charges in the Solveig oil field, Norwegian North Sea: A rhenium-osmium isotopic study

Svetoslav V. Georgiev, Holly J. Stein, Judith L. Hannah, Rolando di Primio

The preservation of water-table caves at depth: Observations from subsurface data and numerical modeling

Andrea Nolting, P. J. Moore, Janelle Homburg, Fermín Fernández-Ibáñez

Multiphase activation of the boundary fault system of the eastern Dampier subbasin, Northwest Shelf of Australia

Hongdan Deng, Ken McClay, Awad Bilal

A study of the gas–water characteristics and their implications for the coalbed methane accumulation modes in the Southern Junggar Basin, China

Haijiao Fu, Detian Yan, Shuguang Yang, Xiaoming Wang, Gang Wang, Xinguo Zhuang, Luyuan Zhang, Guoqing Li, Xing Chen, Zhejun Pan

Geochemical characterization and classification of crude oils of the Permian Basin, west Texas and southeastern New Mexico

Simon Echegu, Adry K. Bissada, Louis Elrod

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