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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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The AAPG Bulletin Ahead of Print publishing program provides readers with the earliest possible access to articles that have been peer-reviewed and accepted for publication. These articles have not been copyedited and are posted "as is," and do not reflect AAPG editorial changes. Once the accepted manuscript appears in the Ahead of Print area, it will be prepared for print and final online publication, which includes copyediting, typesetting, proofreading, and author review. This process will likely lead to differences between the accepted manuscript and the final, printed version. Manuscripts will remain in this Ahead of Print area until the final, typeset articles are printed. Supplemental material intended, and accepted, for publication is not posted until the printing of the final, typeset article.

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Salt-driven evolution of a gas hydrate reservoir in Green Canyon, Gulf of Mexico

Alexey Portnov , Ann E. Cook , Mahdi Heidari , Derek E. Sawyer , Manasij Santra , Maria Nikolinakou

21 December 2018

Lithofacies and depositional mechanism of the Ordovician-Silurian Wufeng-Longmaxi organic-rich shales in the Upper Yangtze area, southern China

Yangbo Lu , Fang Hao , Yongchao Lu , Detian Yan , Shang Xu , Zhiguo Shu , Yuxuan Wang , Lanyu Wu

06 May 2019

Evolution of gas-hydrate-bearing deep-water channel-levee system in abyssal Gulf of Mexico – levee growth and deformation

Manasij Santra , Peter B. Flemings , Erik Scott , Kevin Meazell

01 August 2019

Quantitatively predicting the thermal maturity of paleo-oil trapped in fluid inclusions based on fluorescent and molecular geochemical data of oil inclusions in the Dongying Depression, Bohai Bay Basin, China

Hongwei Ping , Honghan Chen , Simon C. George

28 October 2019

High concentration methane hydrate in a silt reservoir from the deep-water Gulf of Mexico

Stephen C. Phillips , Peter B. Flemings , Melanie E. Holland , Peter J. Schultheiss , William F. Waite , Junbong Jan , Ethan G. Petrou , Helen Hammon

27 January 2020

Petrophysical properties of the GC 955 hydrate reservoir inferred from reconstituted sediments: Implications for hydrate formation and production

Yi Fang , Peter B. Flemings , Hugh Daigle , Stephen C. Phillips , P. Kevin Meazell , Kehua You

27 January 2020

Natural fracture, cleat and strong adsorption impact on low oil and condensate retention in the Carboniferous shales and coals of the western Black Sea Basin of Turkey

Şamil Şen

02 March 2020

Pressure-coring operations during Expedition UT-GOM2-1 in Green Canyon Block 955, northern Gulf of Mexico

Carla Thomas , Stephen C. Phillips , Peter B. Flemings , Manasij Santra , Helen Hammon , Timothy S. Collett , Ann Cook , Tom Pettigrew , Mike Mimitz , Melanie Holland , Peter Schultheiss

02 March 2020

Source potential and reservoir characterization of the Cambay Shale, Cambay Basin, India: Implications for tight gas and tight oil resource development

Mateen Hafiz , Naveen Hakhoo , Ghulam M. Bhat , Sudeep Kanungo , Bindra Thusu , Jonathan Craig , Waquar Ahmed

01 April 2020

Architectural analysis of subsurface meander-belt sandstones: A case study of a densely drilled oilfield, Zhanhua sag, East of Bohai Bay Basin

Zhifeng Sun , Chengyan Lin , Xianguo Zhang , Dongxing Du , Yong Yang , Jia Guo

04 May 2020

Depositional and post-depositional processes of an oil-shale analog at the microstructure scale: The Lower Cretaceous Agrio Formation, Neuquén Basin, northern Patagonia

Marcos Comerio , Diana E. Fernández , Nicolás Rendtorff , Mariano Cipollone , Patricia E. Zalba , Pablo J. Pazos

04 May 2020

Constraining CBM reservoir petrophysical and mechanical properties through a new coal structure index (CSI) in the southern Qinshui Basin, northern China: Implications for hydraulic fracturing

Yingjin Wang , Dameng Liu , Yidong Cai , Yanbin Yao , Zhejun Pan

04 May 2020

Seal failure assessment of a major gas field via integration of seal properties and leakage phenomena

M. Foschi, J.A. Cartwright

04 May 2020

Evidence for deeply buried, oil-prone source rocks in the Baiyun depression, Pearl River Mouth Basin, northern South China Sea

Hongwei Ping , Honghan Chen , Puqiang Zhai , Junzhang Zhu , Wanlin Xiong , Lingtao Kong , Se Gong , Tania J. Vergara , Simon C. George

04 May 2020

Calcite vein system and its importance in tracing paleowater flow and hydrocarbon migration in the Ordovician carbonates of the Tazhong area, Tarim Basin, China

Lianqi Jia , Chunfang Cai , Zhenliang Wang , Hongxia Li , Lijing Liu , Qingyong Luo , Lei Jiang

04 May 2020

Toward a better understanding of northern Alaska’s petroleum systems: deconstructing the Barrow arch

Thomas X. Homza , Melvin A. Fillerup , David W. Gardner

04 May 2020


Timothy C. Henderson, Kenneth D. Ridgway, Cliff T. Johnston, Thomas A. Everett

04 May 2020

Petroleum migration and accumulation: modeling and applications

Xiaorong Luo , Likuan Zhang , Yuhong Lei , Wan Yang

22 June 2020

Natural fractures in tight gas volcanic reservoirs and their influences on production in the Xujiaweizi depression, Songliao Basin, China

Guoping Liu, Lianbo Zeng, Guoqing Sun, Kewei Zu, Longbo Qin, Zhe Mao, Mehdi Ostadhassan

22 June 2020

Documenting the Geometry and Magnitude of Shortening at the Allegheny Front: Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, United States

Ashley Ace , Nadine McQuarrie , Peter B. Sak , Robert Grundy , Barrett Lavergne

22 June 2020

Microbially induced dolomite precipitates in Eocene lacustrine siliciclastic sequences in the Dongying depression, Bohai Bay Basin, China: evidence from petrology, geochemistry and numerical modeling

Benben Ma , Yingchang Cao , Kenneth A. Eriksson

22 June 2020

Sedimentology and stratigraphy of a deep-water gas hydrate reservoir in the northern Gulf of Mexico

P. Kevin Meazell , Peter B. Flemings , Manasij Santra , Joel E. Johnson

22 June 2020

Pressure coring a Gulf of Mexico deep-water turbidite gas hydrate reservoir: Initial results from the UT-GOM2-1 Hydrate Pressure Coring Expedition

Peter B. Flemings , Stephen C. Phillips , Ray Boswell , Timothy S. Collett , Ann E. Cook , Tiannong Dong , Matthew Frye , David S. Goldberg , Gilles Guerin , Melanie E. Holland , Junbong Jang , Kevin Meazell , Jamie Morrison , Joshua I. O’Connell , Ethan G. Petrou , Tom Pettigrew , Peter J. Polito , Alexey Portnov , Manasij Santra , Peter J. Schultheiss , Yongkoo Seol , William Shedd , Evan A. Solomon , Carla M. Thomas , William F. Waite , Kehua You

22 June 2020

An integrated sequence stratigraphic-geochemical investigation of the Jurassic source rocks in the North Yellow Sea Basin, Eastern China

Hongfei Lai , Meijun Li , Xiaoling Jian , Liaoliang Wang , Jinping Liu , Gaiyun Wang , Peng Liu , Jinhui Dai

22 June 2020

The Morro Vermelho hypogenic karst system (Brazil): Stratigraphy, fractures and flow in a carbonate strike-slip fault zone with implications for carbonate reservoirs

Giovanni Bertotti , Philippe Audra , Francisco Hilario Bezerra , Stephan de Hoop , Cayo Pontes , Rahul Prabhakaran , Rebeca Lima

22 June 2020

Geologic characterization of the type cored section for the Upper Cretaceous Austin Chalk Group in southern Texas; A combination fractured and unconventional reservoir

Robert G. Loucks, Toti E. Larson, Charlie Y. C. Zheng, Christopher K. Zahm, Lucy T. Ko, James E. Sivil, Peng Sheng, Stephen C. Ruppel, William A. Ambrose

22 June 2020

Passive versus active salt diapirism

Mark G. Rowan , Katherine A. Giles

22 June 2020