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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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The AAPG Bulletin Ahead of Print publishing program provides readers with the earliest possible access to articles that have been peer-reviewed and accepted for publication. These articles have not been copyedited and are posted "as is," and do not reflect AAPG editorial changes. Once the accepted manuscript appears in the Ahead of Print area, it will be prepared for print and final online publication, which includes copyediting, typesetting, proofreading, and author review. This process will likely lead to differences between the accepted manuscript and the final, printed version. Manuscripts will remain in this Ahead of Print area until the final, typeset articles are printed. Supplemental material intended, and accepted, for publication is not posted until the printing of the final, typeset article.

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The evolution of pore-scale fluid-saturation in low-permeability sandstone reservoirs

Keith W. Shanley, Robert M. Cluff

31 March 2014

A simple model of gas production from hydrofractured horizontal wells in shales

Tad Patzek, Frank Male, Michael Marder

09 June 2014

Constraining uncertainty in interpretation of seismically imaged clinoforms in deltaic reservoirs, Troll Field, Norwegian North Sea: Insights from forward seismic models of outcrop analogs

Nicholas E. Holgate, Gary J. Hampson, Christopher A-L. Jackson, Steen A. Petersen

10 July 2014

Thermal maturity limit for primary thermogenic gas generation from humic coals as determined by hydrous pyrolysis

M. D. Lewan, M. J. Kotarba

10 July 2014

The reserve growth model of oil fields in the Bohai Bay Basin, China

Chenglin Liu, Zhiqiang Wang, Changbo Che, Jie Zhu, Hulin Yang, Zui Xu

08 August 2014

A model describing flowback chemistry changes with time after Marcellus Shale hydraulic fracturing

Victor N. Balashov, Terry Engelder, Xin Gu, Matthew S. Fantle, Susan L. Brantley

08 August 2014

Ground truthing chemostratigraphic correlations in fluvial systems

K.T. Ratcliffe, A. Wilson, T. Payenberg, A. Rittersbacher, G.V. Hildred, S.S. Flint

08 August 2014

Sequence stratigraphy and paleogeography of the Middle Jurassic coal measures in the Yuqia coalfield, northern Qaidam Basin, northwestern China

Meng LI, Longyi SHAO, Jing LU, Baruch SPIRO, Huaijun WEN, Yonghong LI

08 August 2014

Geochemical and isotopic evolution of water produced from Middle Devonian Marcellus Shale gas wells, Appalachian Basin, Pennsylvania

Rowan, Elisabeth L., Engle, Mark A., Kraemer, Thomas F., Schroeder, Karl T., Hammack, Richard W., Doughten, Michael W.

08 August 2014

Permeability characterization of natural compaction bands using core flooding experiments and 3D image-based analysis: Comparing and contrasting the results from two different methods

Shang Deng, Lin Zuo, Atilla Aydin, Jack Dvorkin, Tapan Mukerji

08 August 2014

Eaglebine play of the southwestern East Texas Basin: Stratigraphic and depositional framework of the Upper Cretaceous (Cenomanian-Turonian) Woodbine and Eagle Ford Groups

Tucker F. Hentz, William A. Ambrose, David C. Smith

08 August 2014

Kinematic restoration of contractional basement structures using thermokinematic models: A key tool for petroleum system modeling.

Andrés Mora, Wilson Casallas, Richard A. Ketcham, Diego Gomez, Mauricio Parra, Jay Namson, Daniel Stockli, Ariel Almendral, Wilmer Robles, Badr Ghorbal

15 September 2014

Cenozoic paleogeography of the Andean foreland and retroarc hinterland of Colombia.

Andrés Reyes-Harker, Carlos Fernando Ruiz-Valdivieso, Andrés Mora, Juan Carlos Ramirez-Arias, Guillermo Rodriguez, Felipe de la Parra, Victor Caballero, Mauricio Parra, Nestor Moreno, Brian K. Horton, Joel E. Saylor, Alejandro Silva, Victor Valencia, Daniel Stockli, Vladimir Blanco

15 September 2014

FETKIN: Coupling kinematic restorations and temperature to predict thrusting, exhumation histories, and thermochronometric ages

Ariel Almendral, Wilmer Robles, Mauricio Parra, Andres Mora, Richard A. Ketcham, Michael Raghib

15 September 2014

Reservoir quality of intra-basalt volcaniclastic units onshore Faroe Islands, North Atlantic Igneous Province, NE Atlantic

Jana Ólavsdóttir, Morten Sparre Andersen, Lars Ole Boldreel

15 September 2014

Neoformed magnetic minerals as an indicator of moderate burial: the key example of Middle Paleozoic sedimentary rocks, West Virginia, USA

Myriam Kars, Charles Aubourg, Isabel Suárez-Ruiz

15 September 2014

Log-derived thickness and porosity of the Barnett Shale, Fort Worth Basin, Texas: Implications for assessment of gas shale resources

Qilong Fu, Susan C. Horvath, Eric C. Potter, Forrest Roberts, Scott W. Tinker, Svetlana Ikonnikova, William L. Fisher, Jihua Yan

15 September 2014

Geological and hydrological controls on water co-produced with coalbed methane in Liulin, eastern Ordos Basin, China

Yong Li, Dazhen Tang, Hao Xu, Derek Elsworth, Yanjun Meng

15 September 2014

Mineralogical signature of hydrocarbon circulation in Cretaceous red beds of the Barda González area, Neuquén Basin, Argentina

M.J. Pons, A. L. Rainoldi, M. Franchini, A Giusiano, N. Cesaretti, D.Beaufort, P. Patrier, A. Impiccini

15 September 2014

Distribution of total dissolved solids in McMurray Formation water in the Athabasca Oil Sands Region, Alberta, Canada: implications for regional hydrogeology and resource development

Benjamin R. Cowie, Bruce James, Bernhard Mayer

15 September 2014

Geologic Evolution of the Iraqi Zagros, and its Influence on the Distribution of Hydrocarbons in the Kurdistan Region

Joseph M. English, Grenville A. Lunn, Luke Ferreira, George Yacu

15 September 2014

Hierarchical Kink Band Development in the Appalachian Plateau Décollement Sheet

Paul Gillespie, Judith van Hagen, Scott Wessels, Damian Lynch

15 September 2014

Allochthonous salt initiation and advance in the northern Flinders and eastern Willouran ranges, South Australia: using outcrops to test subsurface-based models from the northern Gulf of Mexico

Thomas E. Hearon, IV, Mark G. Rowan, Katherine A. Giles, Rachelle A. Kernen, Cora E. Gannaway, Timothy F. Lawton, J. Carl Fiduk

15 September 2014

U.S. Geological Survey 2013 Assessment of Undiscovered Resources in the Bakken and Three Forks Formations of the U.S. Williston Basin Province

Stephanie B. Gaswirth, Kristen R. Marra

15 September 2014

Organic matter pores and oil generation in the Tuscaloosa marine shale

Jiemin Lu, Stephen C. Ruppel, Harry D. Rowe

15 September 2014

Fractured reservoirs in the Eastern Foothills and their relationship with fold kinematics

Javier Tamara, Andrés Mora, Wilmer Robles, Andreas Kammer, Alberto Ortiz, Nelson Sanchez-Villar, Alejandro Piraquive, Luz Helena Rueda, Wilson Casallas, Jaime Castellanos, Jorge Montaña, Luis Guillermo Parra, Jaime Corredor, Ángela Ramirez, Enus Zambrano

03 November 2014

Cretaceous Volcanic reservoirs and their exploration in the Songliao Basin, NE China

Pujun Wang, Shumin Chen

03 November 2014

Hydrocarbon-induced diagenetic alteration of the permian White Rim Sandstone, Elaterite Basin, Southeast Utah

Marko A. Gorenc, Marjorie A. Chan

03 November 2014

Structural and chemical controls of deformation bands on fluid flow: interplay between cataclasis and diagenetic alteration

Marco Lommatzsch, Ulrike Exner, Susanne Gier, Bernhard Grasemann

03 November 2014

The dynamic behavior of shallow marine reservoirs – Insights from the pliocene of offshore North Trinidad.

Nigel E. Cross, Zana K. Williams, Arman Jamankulov, Candice E. Bostic, Valini C. Gayadeen, Helisaul J. Torrealba, Elizabeth S. Drayton

03 November 2014

Influence of mobile shale on thrust faults: Insights from discrete element simulations

Sarah Dean, Julia Morgan, JP Brandenburg

03 November 2014

Developing a model discrete fracture network, drilling and EOR strategy in an unconventional naturally fractured reservoir using integrated field, image log and 3D seismic data

Thomas H. Wilson, Valerie Smith, Alan Brown

03 November 2014

Continental carbonates as hydrocarbon reservoir, an analogue case study from the travertine of Saturnia, Italy

Paola Ronchi, Francesco Cruciani

03 November 2014

The discovery of the Barmer Basin, Rajasthan, India, and its petroleum geology

John Dolson, Stuart D. Burley, V. R. Sunder, V. Kothari, Bodapati Naidu, Nicholas P. Whiteley, Paul Farrimond, Andrew Taylor, Nicholas Direen, B. Ananthakrishnan

03 November 2014

Characteristics of silty laminae in Zhangjiatan Shale of Southeastern Ordos Basin, China – Implications for shale gas formation

Yuhong Lei, Xiaorong Luo, Xiangzeng Wang, Lixia Zhang, Chengfu Jiang, Wan Yang, Yuxi Yu, Ming Cheng, Likuan Zhang

03 November 2014