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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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The AAPG Bulletin Ahead of Print publishing program provides readers with the earliest possible access to articles that have been peer-reviewed and accepted for publication. These articles have not been copyedited and are posted "as is," and do not reflect AAPG editorial changes. Once the accepted manuscript appears in the Ahead of Print area, it will be prepared for print and final online publication, which includes copyediting, typesetting, proofreading, and author review. This process will likely lead to differences between the accepted manuscript and the final, printed version. Manuscripts will remain in this Ahead of Print area until the final, typeset articles are printed. Supplemental material intended, and accepted, for publication is not posted until the printing of the final, typeset article.

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Lithofacies and depositional mechanism of the Ordovician-Silurian Wufeng-Longmaxi organic-rich shales in the Upper Yangtze area, southern China

Yangbo Lu , Fang Hao , Yongchao Lu , Detian Yan , Shang Xu , Zhiguo Shu , Yuxuan Wang , Lanyu Wu

06 May 2019

Evidence for deeply buried, oil-prone source rocks in the Baiyun depression, Pearl River Mouth Basin, northern South China Sea

Hongwei Ping , Honghan Chen , Puqiang Zhai , Junzhang Zhu , Wanlin Xiong , Lingtao Kong , Se Gong , Tania J. Vergara , Simon C. George

04 May 2020

Characterization of five unconventional diatomaceous (opal-A) reservoirs, Monterey Formation, San Joaquin Valley, California

Dave Larue, Chris Hager, Tom Merrifield, G. M. Evola, David Crane, P. Yorgensen

20 July 2020

Skempton’s poroelastic relaxation: The mechanism that accounts for the distribution of pore pressure and exhumation-related fractures in black shale of the Appalachian Basin

Terry Engelder , Rose-Anna Behr

20 July 2020

Evaluation of Paleozoic Source Rocks in Kuwait

Fowzia Abdullah , Fouad Shaaban , Awatif Al-Khamis , Fikry Khalaf , Fatma Bahaman , Bibi Akbar

28 August 2020

Source rocks in foreland basins: a preferential context for the development of natural hydraulic fractures

A. Zanella , P.R. Cobbold , N. Rodrigues , H. Loseth , M. Jolivet , F. Gouttefangeas , D. Chew

28 August 2020

Fractal characteristics of pore networks and sealing capacity of Ordovician carbonate cap rocks: a case study based on outcrop analogs from the Tarim Basin, China

Jun Wu , Tailiang Fan , Enrique Gomez-Rivas , Anna Travé , Zhiqian Gao , Shanshan Wang , Xiaolong Sun

28 August 2020

Applying Deep Learning for Identifying Bioturbation from Core Photos

Eric Timmer, Calla Knudson, Murray Gingras

28 August 2020

Multiple thrust detachments and their implications for hydrocarbon accumulation in the northeastern Sichuan Basin, southwestern China

Chuanxin Li, Dengfa He, Guo Lu, Kai Wen, Abijah Simon, Yanpeng Sun

28 August 2020

Experimental determination of porosity and methane sorption capacity of organic-rich shales as a function of effective stress: Implications for gas storage capacity

Garri Gaus, Reinhard Fink, Alexandra Amann-Hildenbrand, Bernhard M. Krooss, Ralf Littke

28 August 2020

Lifespan of oil reservoirs: Examples from three old reef pools in Alberta, Canada

Mengwei Zhao

28 August 2020

Performance Tracking: A Historical Background to Promote Learning

Gary P. Citron

28 August 2020

Resource potential of the Jurassic gas system,northern margin of the Qaidam Basin, northwestern China

Zeqing Guo, Zengye Xie, Jian Li, Jixian Tian, Xu Zeng, Wei Ma

05 November 2020

Depositional environment and source rock quality of the Woodbine and Eagle Ford Groups, southern East Texas (Brazos) Basin: an integrated geochemical, sequence stratigraphic, and petrographic approach

Melissa J. Meyer , Arthur D. Donovan , Michael C. Pope

05 November 2020

Predicting unconventional reservoir potential from wire-line logs: a correlation between compositional and geomechanical properties of the Duvernay shale play of western Alberta, Canada

Marco Venieri, Per K. Pedersen, David W. Eaton

05 November 2020

Organic petrology and geochemistry of the Sunbury and Ohio Shales in eastern Kentucky and southeastern Ohio

Cortland F. Eble , Paul C. Hackley , Thomas M. Parris , Stephen F. Greb

05 November 2020

Molecular and Isotopic Gas Composition of the Devonian Berea Sandstone and Implications for Gas Evolution, Eastern Kentucky

T. M. Parris , P. C. Hackley , S. F. Greb , C. F. Eble

05 November 2020

Application of principal component analysis on chemical data for reservoir correlation: a case study from Cretaceous carbonate sedimentary rocks, Saudi Arabia

Nikolaos A. Michael , Neil W. Craigie

05 November 2020

Reservoir geology of the Berea Sandstone (uppermost Devonian), eastern Kentucky

Stephen F. Greb, David C. Harris, J. Richard Bowersox

05 November 2020

Berea Sandstone: New Developments in a Mature Oil and Gas Play, Eastern Kentucky and Ohio

T. M. Parris, B. C. Nuttall

05 November 2020

Consideration of the limitations of thermal maturity with respect to vitrinite reflectance, Tmax and other proxies

Barry Jay Katz, Fang Lin

05 November 2020

Deep-water reservoir distribution on a salt-influenced slope, Santos Basin, offshore Brazil

C. R. Rodriguez , C. A-L. Jackson , R. E. Bell , A. Rotevatn , M. Francis

04 December 2020

Prediction of the gas-generating characteristics of the Qiongzhusi and Longmaxi Formations, Yangtze Platform, southern China, using analogues

Brian Horsfield , Caineng Zou , Jian Li , Shengyu Yang , Nicolaj Mahlstedt , David Misch , Doris Gross , Ma Wei , Yifeng Wang , Jingqiang Tan

04 December 2020

A method to predict the resistivity index for tight sandstone reservoirs from nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) data

Liang Xiao , Yujiang Shi , Gaoren Li , Haopeng Guo , Junran Li

04 December 2020

Thermal History Reconstruction from Apatite Fission-track Analysis and Vitrinite Reflectance data of the Bongor Basin, The Republic of Chad

Lirong Dou , Renchong Wang , Jinchun Wang , Dingsheng Cheng , Paul F. Green , Xiaodong Wei

04 December 2020

Rock Classification in the Eagle Ford Formation through Integration of Petrophysical, Geological, Geochemical, and Geomechanical Characterization

Shahin Amin , Matthew Wehner , Zoya Heidari , Michael M. Tice

22 December 2020

Depositional environment and hydrothermal controls on organic matter enrichment in the lower Cambrian Niutitang shale, southern China

Jingqiang Tan , Zhanghu Wang , Wenhui Wang , Jason Hilton , Jianhua Guo , Xikai Wang

22 December 2020

Deeper-water deposition in intrashelf basins: Example from the Lower Cretaceous (Albian) upper Glen Rose Formation in the Houston trough, eastern Texas

Peter Soto-Kerans, Robert G. Loucks, Charles Kerans

22 December 2020

Sequence Stratigraphy of the Niobrara Formation: Implications for Age-Constraining Tectonic Events and Stratigraphic Complexities in the Denver-Julesburg Basin, United States

William R. Drake , Sarah J. Hawkins

22 December 2020

Comparison of gas, Klinkenberg and liquid permeability of sandstone – flow regime and pore size

Tobias Orlander , Harald Milsch , Ida Lykke Fabricius

22 December 2020

Magnetic susceptibility variations in lower Paleozoic shales of the western Baltic Basin (northern Poland) – a tool for regional stratigraphic correlations and the decoding of paleoenvironmental changes

D. K. Niezabitowska , J. Roszkowska-Remin , R. Szaniawski , A. Derkowski

22 December 2020

Petroleum distribution in the Montney hybrid play: source, carrier bed and structural controls

Tristan Euzen , Neil Watson , Martin Fowler , Andy Mort , Thomas F. Moslow

22 December 2020