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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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UPCOMING SPECIAL ISSUE: Working Title, Compiled by Langhorne "Taury" Smith: Integrated high-resoluction chemostratigraphy and facies-based stratigraphic architecture of the Lower Cretaceous (Aptian), Shu'aiba Formation, Saudi Arabia

Nasser Al-Ghamdi, Michael Pope

07 June 2013

UPCOMING SPECIAL ISSUE: Working Title, Compiled by Langhorne “Taury” Smith: Meteoric Diagenesis and Fluid-Rock Interaction in the Middle Permian Capitan Backreef: Yates Formation, Slaughter Canyon, New Mexico

James W. Bishop, David A. Osleger, Isabel P. Montañez, Dawn Y. Sumner

21 June 2013

UPCOMING SPECIAL ISSUE: Working Title, Compiled by Langhorne "Taury"Smith: Facies, Stratigraphy, and Evolution of a Middle Ediacaran carbonate ramp: Khufai Formation, Sultanate of Oman

Magdalena Osburn, John Grotzinger, Kristin Bergmann

23 August 2013

UPCOMING SPECIAL ISSUE: Working Title, Compiled Langhorne "Taury" Smith: Lithology-based sequence stratigraphic framework of a mixed carbonate-siliciclastic succession, lower cretaceous, Atlantic Coastal Plain, USA

Brian P. Coffey, Richard F. Sunde

09 September 2013

Predicting the Depth of Viscous Stress Peaks in Moving Salt Sheets: Conceptual Framework and Implications for Drilling

R. Weijermars, Martin P.A. Jackson

30 September 2013

High-resolution Sequence Stratigraphy of The Upper Ordovician Montoya Group, southern New Mexico and western Texas: Outcrop Analog of An Unconventional Chert and Carbonate Reservoir

Michael C. Pope

01 November 2013

Thermochemical sulfate reduction and fluid evolution of the Lower Triassic Feixianguan Formation sour gas reservoirs; the Northeast Sichuan Basin, China

Lei Jiang, Richard H. Worden, Chun Fang Cai

01 November 2013

Experimental Investigation of Matrix Permeability of Gas Shales

Rob Heller, John Vermylen, Mark Zoback

01 November 2013

Deltaic deposits formed under spatially and temporally variable accommodation regimes: a plausible alternative explanation for isolated shallow marine sandstone bodies

Christopher R. Fielding, Andrew J. Hutsky, Trevor J. Hurd

01 November 2013

Comparing geology and well completions to production in the unconventional region of the Cardium Formation (Upper Cretaceous), Northwest Pembina Field, Alberta, Canada.

Andrew C. Wiseman, Federico F. Krause

01 November 2013

Effects of smectite on oil-expulsion efficiency of the Kreyenhagen Shale based on hydrous-pyrolysis experiments

M. D. Lewan, M. P. Dolan, J. B. Curtis

01 November 2013

Stable isotope chemostratigraphy as a tool to correlate complex Mississippian marine carbonate facies of the Anadarko Shelf, Oklahoma-Kansas, USA

Jesse T. Koch, Tracy D. Frank, Thomas P. Bulling

01 November 2013

Fault displacement gradients on normal faults and associated deformation

Alan P. Morris, Ronald N. McGinnis, David A. Ferrill

23 December 2013

Porosity trends in the Skagerrak Formation, Central Graben, UKCS: The role of compaction and pore pressure history.

Neil T. Grant, Alexander J. Middleton, Stuart Archer

23 December 2013

Time-dependent subsidence associated with drainage-induced compaction in Gulf of Mexico shales bounding a severely depleted gas reservoir

Chandong Chang, Ellen Mallman, Mark Zoback

23 December 2013

Diagenesis and porosity development in the first eocene reservoir at the Giant Wafra Field, partitioned zone (PZ), Saudi Arabia and Kuwait

Arthur H. Saller, David Pollitt, J.A.D. Dickson

23 December 2013

Cenozoic fault systems in SW Qaidam Basin, NE Tibetan Plateau: Geometry, temporal development and significance for hydrocarbon accumulation

Lei Wu, Ancheng Xiao, Dade Ma, Hongge Li, Bo Xu, Ya Shen, Liguang Mao

23 December 2013

The practice of graphical fluid gradient interpretations of formation tester pressure data

Andrew Chen

23 December 2013

Integrated charge and seal assessment in the Monagas Fold and Thrust Belt of Venezuela

Martin Neumaier, Ralf Littke, Thomas Hantschel, Laurent Maerten, Jean Pierre Joonnekindt, Peter Kukla

03 March 2014

Cracking, mixing, and geochemical correlation of crude oils, North Slope, Alaska

Ye Wang, Kenneth E. Peters, J. Michael Moldowan, Kenneth J. Bird, Leslie B. Magoon

03 March 2014

A hierarchical approach for evaluating fluvial systems: Architectural analysis and sequential evolution of the high net-sand content middle Wasatch Formation, Uinta Basin, Utah

Grace L. Ford, David R. Pyles

03 March 2014

Calibrating DFN models with a carbonate 3D outcrop fracture network – Implications for naturally fractured reservoir (NFR) modeling

K. Bisdom, B.D.M. Gauthier, G. Bertotti, N.J. Hardebol

03 March 2014

Creation and utility of a large fit for purpose Earth model in a giant mature field: Kern River Field, California

Dale Beeson, Katrina Hoffman, Dave Larue, Jerry Mcnaboe, Janae Singer

03 March 2014

Distribution of discontinuous mudstone bed swithin wave-dominated shallow-marine deposits: Star Point and Blackhawk Formations, Eastern Utah, USA

Christian Haug Eide, John Howell, Simon Buckley

03 March 2014

The evolution of pore-scale fluid-saturation in low-permeability sandstone reservoirs

Keith W. Shanley, Robert M. Cluff

31 March 2014

Upper Devonian–Mississippian Stratigraphic Framework of the Arkoma Basin and Distribution of Potential Source-Rock Facies in the Woodford-Chattanooga and Fayetteville-Caney Shale-Gas Systems

David W. Houseknecht, William A. Rouse, Stanley T. Paxton, John C. Mars, Bryant Fulk

31 March 2014

Automatic calibration of stratigraphic forward models for predicting reservoir presence in exploration

O. Falivene, A. Frascati, S. Gesbert, J. Pickens, Y. Hsu, A. Rovira

31 March 2014

Neogene-Quaternary postrift tectonic reactivation of the Bohai Bay Basin, eastern China

Lei Huang, Chiyang Liu, Yingbin Wang, Junfeng Zhao, Nigel P. Mountney

31 March 2014

Occurrence of the Upper Jurassic-Lower Cretaceous black organic-rich pelitic sediments as targets for unconventional hydrocarbon exploration in the Outer Carpathians and adjacent part of Alps

Andrzej Ślączka, Jan Golonka, Nestor Oszczypko, Marek Cieszkowski, Tadeusz Słomka, Irena Matyasik

31 March 2014

The Upper Triassic Paralic Deposits of the De Geerdalen Formation on Hopen: Outcrop Analog to the Subsurface Snadd Formation in the Barents SeaT.G. Klausen

T.G. Klausen, A. Mørk

31 March 2014