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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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CSPG Bulletin

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Lower Devonian Stratigraphy and Correlation, Northern Simpson Park Range, Nevada

J. G. Johnson

Conodont Biostratigraphy of Part of the Devonian of the Alberta Rocky Mountains

David L. Clark, Raymond L. Ethington

An Intensive Local Application of Lensen's Isallo Stress Theory to the Sturgeon Lake South Area of Alberta

Paul H. Lu, Adrian E. Scheidegger

Heavy Minerals from the Viking Formation, West Central Alberta

H. R. Young

Precambrian Sandstone Sills Near Jasper, Alberta

H. U. Bielenstein, H. A. K. Charlesworth

An Unconformity Between Middle and Upper Devonian Rocks of Bathurst Island, with Comments on Upper Devonian Faunas and Microfloras of the Parry Islands

J. W. Kerr, D. C. McGregor, D. J. McLaren

Environmental Classification of Argillaceous Sedimentary Rocks Using the Chemical Composition of Siderite Nodules

Jon N. Weber, Eugene G. Williams

Geological Note: A Core of the Mount Head and Livingstone Formations, Highwood River Area, Alberta

Grant L. Nielsen

Abstracts: The Whirlpool Sandstone

Otto Gietz

Abstracts: The Gasport Dolomite in the Vicinity of Hamilton, Ontario

Ernest S. Spurgeon

Abstracts: Cephalopods and Other Fauna from the Exshaw Formation, Jasper Park, Alberta

C. B. Pamenter

Abstracts: The Geochemistry of Some Graywackes and Some Shales

Jon N. Weber

Abstracts: Dimensional Grain Orientation Studies of Turbidite Graywackes

Peter Bernard Smoor

Abstracts: The Glacial and Pleistocene Geology of the Dundas Valley, Hamilton, Ontario

Donald Lindsay Hurst

Abstracts: Grain Size Variations Inn the Beach Sands of Long Point Lake Erie

Terence Roger Watts

Abstracts: Permian Fauna from the Yukon Territory

B. E. B. Cameron

Abstracts: A Stratigraphic Study of the Regina Basin, Saskatchewan

D. L. Delorme

Abstracts: The Geology of the Wynd Map-Area, Jasper, Alberta

R. E. Griffiths

Abstracts: The Duhamel Reef, Alberta

Khalil-Ullah Kirmani

Abstracts: Mineralogy of the No. 2 Zone Eldorado Mine, Port Radium Northwest Territories

B. J. Kieller

Abstracts: Clay Minerals from Some Upper Cretaceous Bentonites, Southwestern Alberta

W. R. Maiklem

Abstracts: Precambrian Basement of Saskatchewan and Manitoba

Z. E. Peterman

Abstracts: Lower Miette Rocks at Jasper, Alberta

J. Steiner

Abstracts: Ordovician Geology of the Prophet River Map-Area, British Columbia

R. L. Tedrick

Abstracts: Geology of Lake Cinch Mines Limited, Uranium City, Saskatchewan

A Turek

Abstracts: Petrology of a Permo-Carboniferous Section in Northern Jasper National Park

J. T. Walasko

Abstracts: Micropalaeontology of the Deer Bay Formation, Arctic Archipelago, Canada

C. J. Yorath