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A. J. Fergusson, J. Wm. Kerr

The Central Tertiary Basin of Spitsbergen: Sedimentary Development of a Sheared-Margin Basin

R.J. Steel, A. Dalland, K. Kalgraff, V. Larsen

Circum-North Atlantic Tectono-Stratigraphic Reconstruction

Laurence M. Wilson

Cretaceous and Tertiary Geology of Bylot Island, N.W.T.: Abstract

B. W. Clarke, H. D. Daae

Devonian Sedimentary Basins and Deep Faults of the Northernmost Atlantic Borderlands

P. F. Friend

Evolution of an Ocean Basin: the North Atlantic and Its Epicontinental Seas

J. Thiede, O. Eldholm


A. E. Calverley

Geological Evolution of the Gulf of Mexico-Caribbean Region

J. L. Walper

Geologic History of North and Northeastern Brazilian Margin: Controls Imposed by Seafloor Spreading on the Continental Structures

N. Kumar

The Geology and Hydrocarbon Potential of the Georges Bank-Baltimore Canyon Trough Area

R. E. Mattick, J. S. Schlee, K. C. Bayer

The Geology of the Blake Plateau and Bahamas Region

R. E. Sheridan, J. T. Crosby, K. M. Kent, W. P. Dillon, C. K. Paull

The Geology of the British Isles and the Adjacent Continental Shelf – The Offshore Post-Hercynian Basins

G. H. Rhys, D. A. Ardus

Geology of the Canadian Atlantic Margin from Georges Bank to the Grand Banks

John A. Wade

Geology of the North Atlantic Borderlands

J. Wm. Kerr, A. J. Fergusson, L. C. Machan

Geophysical Expression of Appalachian-Caledonide Structures on the Continental Margins of the North Atlantic

R. T. Haworth

The History of the Northeast Atlantic Margin in a World Setting

Peter E. Kent

Labrador Sea, Davis Strait, Baffin Bay: Geology and Geophysics — A Review

S. P. Srivastava, R. K. H. Falconer, B. MacLean

The Late Paleozoic Evolution of Southern Ireland in the Context of Tectonic Basins and Their Transatlantic Significance

P. R. R. Gardiner, I. A. J. MacCarthy

Late Precambrian Geology of Scotland, England and Wales

M.A.J. Piasecki, O. van Breemen, A.E. Wright

The Meguma Zone of Nova Scotia — A Remnant of Western Europe, South America, or Africa?

P.E. Schenk

Mesozoic Sedimentary Succession at Andoy, Northern Norway, and Relation to Structural Development of the North Atlantic Area

A. Dalland

An Outline of Lower-Middle Carboniferous Sedimentation on Svalbard: Effects of Tectonic, Climatic and Sea Level Changes in Rift Basin Sequences

J. G. Gjelberg, R. J. Steel

Paleogeography, Tectonics and Thermal History of Some Atlantic Margin Sediments

R. Siever, J. L. Hager

Post-Paleozoic Evolution of the East Greenland Continental Margin

F. Surlyk, L. B. Clemmensen, H. C. Larsen

Precambrian Geology of the Canadian North Atlantic Borderlands

F. C. Taylor

Precambrian Record of the Eastern North Atlantic Borderlands

D. R. Bowes, G. Gaal


A. J. Fergusson, J. Wm. Kerr

Stretching of the North American Plate By a Now Dormant Atlantic Spreading Centre

J.Wm. Kerr

Structure and Spreading History of the Northwestern Atlantic Region from the Scotian Shelf to Baffin Bay

J.R.H. McWhae

Tertiary Deposits of the Norwegian-Greenland Sea Region (Svalbard, Northeast and East Greenland, Iceland, the Faeroe Islands and the Norwegian-Greenland Sea) and Their Correlation to Northwest Europe

Bjorn Buchardt

The Thulean Volcanic Line

J. M. Hall

Transatlantic Correlations of Geophysical Anomalies on Newfoundland, British Isles, France and Adjacent Continental Shelves

R. D. Jacobi, Y. Kristoffersen

Upper Cretaceous and Paleogene Sedimentary Rocks, Eastern Canadian Arctic and Related North Atlantic Areas

R.M. West, M.R. Dawson, L.J. Hickey, A.D. Miall

Upper Cretaceous Geology of the Celtic Sea

A. J. Weighell, M. R. Dobson, R. J. Whittington, L. J. Delanty

The West Greenland Basin

G. Henderson, E. J. Schiener, J. B. Risum, C. A. Croxton, B. B. Andersen