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Introduction to Precambrian Reefs

John P. Grotzinger

Abner/Denault Reef Complex (2.1 Ga), Labrador Trough, N.E. Quebec

P. F. Hoffman, J. P. Grotzinger

Alba Stromatoporoid-Bryozoan Reef, Middle Silurian, Michigan

Roger J. Cuffey

Algal Buildups of Visean Age in Southern New Brunswick

S. R. McCutcheon

Allstones Creek Reef (Frasnian), Alberta

A. S. Hedinger

Altoona Bryozoan-Coral-Stromatoporoid Reef, Uppermost Silurian, Pennsylvania

Roger J. Cuffey, John F. Taylor

Ancient Wall Reef Complex, Frasnian Age, Alberta

H. H. J. Geldsetzer

Archaean Stromatolite Reef at Steep Rock Lake, Atikokan, Northwestern Ontario

E. G. Nisbet, M. E. Wilks

Attawapiskat Patch Reefs, Lower Silurian, Hudson Bay Lowlands, Ontario

Andre M. C. Chow, Colin W. Stearn

A Backstepping Platform Reef, Swan Hills Formation, Rosevear Field, Central Alberta

Jonathan Kaufman, William J. Meyers

Beck and Sarle Bryozoan Reefs, Middle Silurian, Niagara Gorge, Ontario and New York

Roger J. Cuffey, Marshall C. Hewitt

Burnt Timber And Scalp Creek Margins, Frasnian Fairholme Reef Complex, Alberta

R. H. Workum, A. S. Hedinger

Cambrian Reefs and Mounds

J. D. Aitken

Carbonate Bioherms in the Kennetcook and Herbert River Limestone Members, Upper Part of the Windsor Group, Central Mainland Nova Scotia

R. C. Boehner, R. J. Horne, R. J. Ryan

Carbonate Buildups of the Gays River Formation, Lower Carboniferous Windsor Group, Nova Scotia

R. C. Boehner, P. S. Giles, D. A. Murray, R. J. Ryan

Carbonate Buildups of Windsor Group Major Cycle 2: Maxner and Miller Limestones, Miller Creek Formation and Mosher Road Member, Elderbank Formation and B2 Limestone, Nova Scotia

R. C. Boehner

Carboniferous and Permian Reefs in Canada and Adjacent Areas

G. R. Davies, B. C. Richards, B. Beauchamp, W. W. Nassichuk

Cardinal River - Deception Creek Frasnian Leduc Reefs, Alberta

R. H. Workum

Chaetetid Bioherm, Upper Carboniferous, Holm Land, Eastern North Greenland

Lars Stemmerik

Construction of Early Proterozoic (1.9 Ga) Barrier Reef Complex, Rocknest Platform, Northwest Territories

J. P. Grotzinger

Continental Margin Reef Tract of Early Ordovician Age, Broken Skull Formation, Mackenzie Mountains, Northwest Canada

Brian R. Pratt

Coral-Renalcis-Thrombolite Reef Complex of Early Ordovician Age, St. George Group, Western Newfoundland

Brian R. Pratt, Noel P. James

Coral-Stromatoporoid Carbonate Buildup Succession, Jefferson Formation (Late Devonian) Central Idaho, U.S.A.

P. E. Isaacson, M. D. McFaddan, E. A. Measures, S. L. Dorobek

Coral-Stromatoporoid Reef Complex, Late Early Devonian Age, Ogilvie Formation of East-Central Alaska and Adjacent Yukon Territory

James G. Clough, Robert B. Blodgett

Coral/Stromatoporoid Reef Complex, Lower Devonian, Southwest Ellesmere Island, N.W.T

Gary P. Smith, Colin W. Stearn

Crinoid-Bryozoan Reef Mounds, Upper Carboniferous Amdrup Land, Eastern North Greenland

Lars Stemmerik

Cripple Creek Margin, North Fairholme Reef Complex, Frasnian Age, Alberta

L. S. Eliuk

Deep-Water Girvanella-Epiphyton Reef On A Mid-Cambrian Continental Slope, Rockslide Formation, Mackenzie Mountains, Northwest Territories

Brian R. Pratt

Deepwater Conical Stromatolite Reef, Sulky Formation (Dismal Lakes Group), Middle Proterozoic, N.W.T.

C. Kerans, J. A. Donaldson

Deep Water Thrombolite Mounds From the Upper Jurassic of Offshore Nova Scotia

Lubomir F. Jansa, Brian R. Pratt, Gilles Dromart

Depositional Facies And Diagenesis of the Pipe Creek Jr. Reef, Silurian, Great Lakes Region, Indiana

P. J. Lehmann, A. Simo

Devonian Reefs in Canada and Some Adjacent Areas

Peter F. Moore

Drummond Island Bryozoan Reefs, Lower Silurian, Michigan

Roger J. Cuffey

Earliest Cretaceous Sponge Reef Mounds, Nova Scotia Shelf (Shell Demascota G-32)

Leslie Eliuk, Rene Levesque

Early Cambrian Patch Reefs, Southern Labrador

N. P. James, D. R. Kobluk, C. F. Klappa

Early Cretaceous Buchia Banks, British Columbia

T. P. Poulton

Early Ordovician Cryptalgal-Sponge Reefs, Survey Peak Formation, Rocky Mountains, Alberta

Brian R. Pratt

Early Ordovician Thrombolite Reefs, St. George Group, Western Newfoundland

Brian R. Pratt, Noel P. James

Early Silurian Bioherms, Southampton Island, N.W.T.

K. Dewing, P. Copper

An Early Silurian Reef Complex, Manitoulin Island, Northern Ontario

Paul Copper, Ignatius Fay

Favositid Patch Reef, Early Silurian, Allenwood, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

J. D. Inners

Flathead Range Frasnian Reefs, Alberta

R. H. Workum

Fore-Slope Receptaculitid Mounds From the Frasnian of the Rocky Mountains, Alberta

Brian R. Pratt, John Weissenberger

Franklinian Reef Belt, Silurian, North Greenland

Martin Sonderholm, Tom L. Harland

Giant “Algal” Reefs, Middle/Upper Proterozoic Little Dal Group (>770, >1200 Ma), Mackenzie Mountains, N.W.T., Canada

J. D. Aitken

Gift Lake Slave Point Reef, Middle Devonian, Alberta

J. W. Tooth, G. R. Davies

The Golden and Evi Reef Complexes, Middle Devonian, Slave Point Formation, Northwestern Alberta

Eric G. Gosselin, Leigh Smith, David J. C. Mundy

Honora Bay Bryozoan Bioherms, Lower Silurian, Manitoulin Island, Ontario

Roger J. Cuffey, Paul Copper

Hummingbird and Whiterabbit Reef Margins (Frasnian), Alberta

A. S. Hedinger, R. H. Workum

Kananaskis Area Frasnian Reefs, Alberta

R. H. Workum, A. S. Hedinger

A Lacustrine Limestone Mound (Algal Reef) in the Wilkie Brook Formation (Horton Group), Cape George Area, Northeastern Mainland Nova Scotia

R. C. Boehner, B. E. MacBeath

Late Proterozoic Orange-Weathering Stromatolite Biostrome Mackenzie Mountains and Western Arctic Canada

C. W. Jefferson, G. M. Young

The Late Proterozoic Yellowhead Carbonate Platform West of Jasper, Alberta

M. W. Teitz, E. W. Mountjoy

The Late Silurian Laplante Reefs of Northern New Brunswick, Canada

J. P. A. Noble

Latest Ordovician-Earliest Silurian Carbonate Mounds, Western North Greenland

Martin Sonderholm, Tom L. Harland

The Leroy Bioherm, Onondaga Limestone (Middle Devonian), Western New York

Richard H. Lindemann

Lime Peak Reef Complex, Norian Age, Yukon

R. Pamela Reid

Lithiotis (Bivalvia) Bioherms, Lower Jurassic, Oregon

Anne L. Nauss, Paul L. Smith

Lithistid Sponge Bioherms, Early Middle Ordovician, Western Newfoundland

N. P. James, C. F. Klappa

Littlehorn-Kiska Frasnian Nisku Reefs, Alberta

R. H. Workum

Lock Haven Coral-Bryozoan Reef, Middle Silurian, Pennsylvania

Roger J. Cuffey

Lower Cambrian Algal-Archaeocyathan Reef Mounds From the Wernecke Mountains, Yukon Territory

G. M. Narbonne, S. M. Arbuckle

Lower Carboniferous (Mississippian) Waulsortian Reefs in the Seal Area of North-Central Alberta

G. R. Davies, D. E. Edwards, P. Flach

Lower Cretaceous (Albian) Serpulid-Bivalve Carbonate “Mounds” Related to Hydrocarbon Seeps, Canadian Arctic Archipelago

Benoit Beauchamp, J. Christopher Harrison, Walter W. Nassichuk, Leslie S. Eliuk

Lower Devonian Reefs of The Coeymans Formation in The Northern Appalachian Basin

William F. Precht

Lower Devonian Stromatoporoid Reefs, Formosa Reef Limestone (Detroit River Group) of Southwestern Ontario

Brian R. Pratt

The Lower Fairholme Reef Complex (Cairn Formation), White Man Gap Area, Canmore, Alberta

Graeme R. Bloy, Sidney R. Leggett, Ian G. Hunter

A Lower Jurassic Coral Reef, Telkwa Range, British Columbia

T. P. Poulton

Lower Jurassic Gryphaea Bank, Northern Yukon

T. P. Poulton

Lower Permian (Artinskian) Sponge-Bryozoan Buildups, Southwestern Ellesmere Island, Canadian Arctic Archipelago

Benoit Beauchamp

Lower Permian (Sakmarian) Tubiphytes -Bryozoan Buildup, Southwestern Ellesmere Island, Canadian Arctic Archipelago

Benoit Beauchamp

Lower Permian Palaeoaplysinid Mound, Northern Yukon, Canada

G. R. Davies

Lower Proterozoic Cowles Lake Foredeep Reef, N.W.T., Canada

M. J. Jackson

Lower Silurian Biostromes and Bioherms Of Southern Gaspe, Quebec Appalachians

Andre Desrochers, P. A. Bourque

Mercy Bay Patch Reefs, Frasnian, Banks Island, Canadian Arctic Archipelago

A. F. Embry, J. E. Klovan

Mesozoic Reefs and Other Organic Accumulations in Canada and Adjacent Areas

Leslie S. Eliuk

Microbial Bioherms, Lower Proterozoic Gunflint Formation, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Philip Fralick

Middle Ordovician (Chazyan) Bioherms and Biostromes Of The Mingan Islands, Quebec

Andre Desrochers, Noel P. James

Middle Ordovician Coral Reefs; Western Newfoundland

N. P. James, R. J. Cuffey

Miette Reef Complex (Frasnian), Jasper National Park, Alberta

Eric W. Mountjoy

Neohelikian Reef Complexes, Borden Rift Basin, Northwestern Baffin Island

G. D. Jackson, T. R. Iannelli

Nikanassin Range Bank Margin, Frasnian Miette Reef Complex, Alberta

A. S. Hedinger, R. H. Workum

Non-Skeletal Bioherms of the Lower Reef Complex of the West Point Formation, Late Silurian, Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec

Pierre-Andre Bourque, Lynda Raymond

The Only Known Precambrian Reef in the Canadian Appalachians: Proterozoic Stromatolites at Saint John, New Brunswick

Brian R. Pratt

Ordovician Reefs And Organic Buildups

M. P. Cecile

An Ostrea Bioherm in The Cretaceous Notikewin Member, British Columbia

Dale Leckie

Owen Creek Frasnian Leduc Reef, Alberta

R. H. Workum, A. S. Hedinger

Patch Reefs in Ordovician Limestones, St-Honore, Quebec

T. L. Harland, R. K. Pickerill

Pennsylvanian-Permian Palaeoaplysina and Algal Buildups, Snaky Canyon Formation, East-Central Idaho, U.S.A.

R. H. Breuninger, K. L. Canter, P. E. Isaacson

Pethei Reef Complex (1.9 Ga), Great Slave Lake, N.W.T.

P. F. Hoffman

Reef Development and Facies Geometry on a High-Energy Early Proterozoic Carbonate Shelf (Hornby Bay Group, Northwest Territories, Canada)

G. M. Ross, J. A. Donaldson

Reefs Canada and Adjacent Areas

Helmut H. J. Geldsetzer, Noel R James, Gordon E. Tebbutt

Reefs — Canada and Adjacent Areas

N. P James, H. H. J. Geldsetzer

Sierra Reef Complex, Middle Devonian, Northeastern British Columbia

J. F. Collins, J. H. Lake

Silurian-Devonian Algal Reef Mound Complex of Southwest Alaska

James G. Clough, Robert B. Blodgett

Silurian Reefs

Pierre-Andre Bourque

Small Early Middle Ordovician Patch Reefs, Laval Formation (Chazy Group), Caughnawaga, Montreal Area, Quebec

Brian R. Pratt

Southesk Cairn Reef Complex, Upper Devonian (Frasnian) Of Alberta

John A. W. Weissenberger, Ian A. McIlreath

Sponge-Dominated Reef Mounds in the Douro Formation (Upper Silurian) of Somerset Island, N.W.T.

Guy M. Narbonne, Owen A. Dixon

Stromatolite Bioherms of A 1.9 Ga Foreland Basin Carbonate Ramp, Beechey Formation, Kilohigok Basin, Northwest Territories

S. M. Pelechaty, J. P. Grotzinger

Stromatolite Reef Development on a Mud-Dominated Platform in the Middle Precambrian Belcher Group of Hudson Bay

B. D. Ricketts, J. A. Donaldson

Stromatolitic Bioherms, Late Proterozoic, Northern Purcell Mountains, B.C.

T. P. Poulton

Stromatoporoid-Coral Patch Reefs of Givetian Age, Michigan

Franz O. Meyer

Stromatoporoid-Coral Reefs of the Upper West Point Reef Complex, Late Silurian, Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec

Pierre-Andre Bourque, Gail Amyot

A Stromatoporoid Patch Reef in the Upper Devonian Wabamun Group, Normandville Field, North-Central Alberta

Marjammanda K. Halim-Dihardja, Eric W. Mountjoy

Stromatoporoid Reefs and Banks in the Silurian of the Appalachian Basin

Richard Smosna, Timothy C. Maxwell

The Structure, Sedimentology and Diagenesis of Some Waulsortian Carbonate Buildups of Mississippian Age From Montana

William F. Precht, Warren Shepard

Submarine Cemented Bryozoan Mounds, Upper Permian, Devondal, East Greenland

John M. Hurst, Peter A. Scholle, Lars Stemmerik

Thornton Reef, Silurian, Northeastern Illinois

James E. McGovney

Thrombolite-Stromatolite Bioherm, Middle Cambrian, Port au Port Peninsula, Western Newfoundland

J. M. Kennard, N. Chow, N. P. James

Upper Cambrian Renalcis-Girvanella Framestone Mounds, Alberta

Brent B. Waters

Upper Carboniferous to Lower Permian Palaeoaplysina-Phylloid Algal Buildups, Canadian Arctic Archipelago

Benoit Beauchamp, G. R. Davies, W. W. Nassichuk

Upper Carboniferous Tubular Algal Boundstone Reefs in the Otto Fiord Formation, Canadian Arctic Archipelago

G. R. Davies, W. W. Nassichuk

Upper Carboniferous “Waulsortian” Reefs, Canadian Arctic Archipelago

G. R. Davies, W. W. Nassichuk, B. Beauchamp

The Upper Devonian Nisku Reef Trend in Central Alberta

J. H. Anderson, H. G. Machel

Upper Jurassic Shallow Water Reefs of Offshore Nova Scotia

Brian R. Pratt, Lubomir F. Jansa

Upper Lower Cambrian Renalcis Mounds in Scoresby Bay Formation, Northeastern Ellesmere Island

F. R. Brunton, D. G. F. Long

Upper Mississippian Bryozoan/Microbial Bioherms, Western Newfoundland

George R. Dix, Noel P. James

Uppermost Frasnian Reefs, Jasper Basin, Alberta

A. S. Hedinger, R. H. Workum

Upper Ordovician and Lower Silurian Reefs of Anticosti Island, Quebec

Paul Copper

Upper Ordovician — Lower Silurian Misty Creek Mounds, Mackenzie Mountains, N.W.T.

M. P. Cecile, A. W. Potter

Upper Silurian Reefal Facies of the Memphremagog - Marbleton Area, Eastern Townships, Quebec Appalachians

Robert C. Hughson, Colin W. Stearn

An Upper Triassic Reefal Limestone, Southern Vancouver Island, B.C.

G. D. Stanley Jr.

Upper Triassic Shell Banks, Mount Laurier Area, Northeastern British Columbia

D. W. Gibson, A. Hedinger