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Chapter 10: Absaroka Sequence the Lower Absaroka Sequence: Upper Carboniferous and Permian

C. M. Henderson

Chapter 11: Zuni Sequence: The Foreland Basin Lower Zuni Sequence: Middle Jurassic to Middle Cretaceous

Douglas J. Cant

Chapter 12: Basin Analysis Applied to Petroleum Geology in Western Canada

Kirk G. Osadetz

Chapter 13: Coal Formation and Resources in the Foreland Basin

G. G. Smith

Chapter 1: Introduction

Brian D. Ricketts

Chapter 2: Overview of Cordilleran Geology

J. W. H. Monger

Chapter 3: Crystalline Basement: The Foundations of Western Canada Sedimentary Basin

G. Ross, R. A. Stephenson

Chapter 4: Structural Style and History of the Rocky Mountain Fold and Thrust Belt

M. E. McMechan, R. I. Thompson

Chapter 5: Fossils in Basin Analysis

T. P. Poulton

Chapter 6: Proterozoic History: The Birth of the Miogeocline

G. Ross, M. E. McMechan, F. J. Hein

Chapter 7: The Sauk Sequence — Cambrian to Lower Ordovician Miogeocline and Platform

J. D. Aitken

Chapter 8: Tippecanoe Sequence: Middle Ordovician to Lowest Devonian Vestiges of a Great Epeiric Sea

Kirk G. Osadetz, F. M. Haidl

Chapter 9: The Kaskaskia Sequence: Reefs, Platforms and Foredeeps the Lower Kaskaskia Sequence — Devonian

Peter Fitzgerald Moore

Middle Absaroka Sequence the Triassic Stable Craton

D. W. Gibson, J. E. Barclay

Upper Absaroka to Lower Zuni: The Transition to the Foreland Basin

T. P. Poulton

Upper Kaskaskia Sequence: Uppermost Devonian and Lower Carboniferous

B. C. Richards

Upper Zuni Sequence: Upper Cretaceous to Lower Tertiary

Dale A. Leckie

Western Canada Sedimentary Basin: A Case History - Frontmatter, Table of Contents

Brian D. Ricketts