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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

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Mainstreaming Geoscience Inputs for Sustainable Development: Prospects for the Malaysian Scenario

Joy Jacqueline Pereira, Ibrahim Komoo

Abstract: The Quest for Energy

Peter M. Lloyd

Abstract: A Strategy for Successful Small Field and Cluster Developments in Malaysia — Talisman's Perspective (Keynote Address 1)

Nick Walker

Abstract: Exploring the Sabah Trough — Block K Exploration 1999–2002 (Paper 1)

Jack L. Kerfoot

Abstract: Irong Barat B Multiple Scenario Analysis — Application at EMEPMI (Paper 2)

Diana Abdul Rahman, Lim Hock Kuang, Jason Borg, Nik Ima Dayana Nik Mohamed, Ramli Muhamad

North Sabah Exploration: New Play Potential in a Mature Area (Paper 3)

Dorine Terwogt - De Jonge, Li Pengzhen, Phlemon George, Lourdes Sanchez Rodriguez, Norzita Mat-Fiah

Abstract: Advanced Seismic Imaging Application of Common Reflection Surface Stack (CRS) Technology on 3D Seismic Data of Tembungo Field, Offshore Sabah, Malaysia (Paper 4)

Ahmad Riza Ghazali, Nor Azhar Ibrahim, M. Firdaus A. Halim

Abstract: Optimisation of Deepwater Fiscal Systems in the Context of Geological Prospectivity (Paper 5)

Mark Purdy, Andy Springs

Abstract: A Geochemical Evaluation of the West Crocker Formation — Clues to Deepwater Source Rock Facies? (Paper 6)

Azlina Anuar, Peter Abolins, Paul Crevello, Wan Hasiah Abdullah

Abstract: Full Anelliptic Time Processing (Paper 7)

Charles Zeltser

Abstract: Surface Geochemistry Methods and Applications in Deepwater Exploration (Paper 8)

Bernie B. Bernard, James M. Brooks

Abstract: Potential of Impact-Structure Plays in Continental Southeast Asia (Paper 9)

H. D. Tjia

Abstract: High Resolution Facies Description from Vintage Dipmeter Logs, a Case-Study from the Betty Field, Offshore Sarawak (Paper 10)

Tanwi Basu, Debnath Basu

Abstract: The Upper Miocene Deepwater Fans of NW Borneo: New Insights on Stratigraphy and Palaeogeography from Basin-Wide 3D Seismic Data and Well Control (Paper 11)

C. Grant, T. Chisholm, Yong Boon-Tek, Matthew Choo, Gary Ingram, John Voon

Abstract: Surface Geochemistry as an Exploration Tool in Frontier, Deep Water Areas: A Case Study from the Atlantic Margin (Paper 12)

Malvin Bjorøy, Ian L. Ferriday

Abstract: High-Resolution Stratigraphy of the Alluvial-Coastal Succession of the D and E Group (Middle Miocene) of a Gas-Field in the Northern Malay Basin, Offshore Peninsular Malaysia (Paper 13)

Mohd Rapi Mohamed Som, Abdul Hadi Abd. Rahman, Moh'd Nurein Bushara

Abstract: Advances in Visualization Technologies: A Case Study, Laho Field, Offshore Peninsular Malaysia (Paper 14)

Christianne M. Gell, Douglas E. Meyer, Rosemawati Abdul Majid, David J. Carr

Time-Depth Conversion Using Wells Calibrated Seismic Velocities (Paper 15)

Zakaria Hj Marzuki, Jeffry Gunawan, Mark Sams

Abstract: Developing a Facies-Based 3D Geological Model of a Stacked Coastal-Deltaic Reservoir Succession: Bokor Field, West Baram Delta Province, Offshore Sarawak (Paper 16)

M. Mulcahy, F. Zainudin, Hj. W. Musbah, S. Flew, A. Boitel, H. D. Johnson

Abstract: Pay Sands Prediction in Baram Delta through Rock Properties and 3D Simultaneous Inversion Study (Paper 17)

Hesham Hendy, Haslina Mohamed, Vincent W. T. Kong

Abstract: Primaries at Last — An Innovative Technique Suppresses Severe Seismic Multiples in the Kutei Basin, Indonesia (Paper 18)

Douglas McKee, Budi Sulistiyo, Dadi Sugiat, Bob Estill, Dan Heinze

Abstract: The Sedimentology of the Mio-Pliocene Clastic Deposits of Eastern Sabah and Implications for Offshore Hydrocarbon Potential (Paper 19)

Jon Noad

Abstract: Tectonostratigraphy of the Half-Graben Sub-Province in Western Luconia (Paper 20)

Donald Sim, Guenter Jaeger

Abstract: Borehole Image, CMR* and Core Calibration for Cataloging Facies and Depositional Features: An Example from NW-Sabah Basin (Paper 21)

Debnath Basu, Azli Abu Bakar, Michel Claverie, Isham Fariz B. Ishak, Tanwi Basu, Azlina Habibullah

Abstract: Evaluation of Formation Fluids from Surface Gas Measurements (Paper 22)

Nicolas Frechin

Abstract: High Density Simultaneous Picking of Moveout Parameters Velocity and Anellipticity (Paper 23)

Adam Betteridge

Abstract: Measuring the Success of Innovative Technology Solutions for Petroleum Exploration and Development (Paper 24)

Abbas Mehrabian, Jess Kozman

Abstract: Rock Properties for Prediction — Uses and Abuses (Paper 25)

Timothy E. Johnson

Abstract: Hydrocarbon Potential of Pre-Tertiary Sediments (Cretaceous/Jurassic?) on Tenggol Arch, West Malay Basin (Paper 26)

Ramlee Abdul Rahman, H. D. Tjia

Abstract: Greenfield in a Brown Field — A Method to Look for Untapped Potentials (Paper 27)

Vincent W. T. Kong, Ngadni Temon, Faizal Zainuddin

Abstract: Sampling of Mud Gas Using Isotubes in NW Borneo Deepwater (Paper 28)

Kim-Kiat Liaw

Abstract: Off-Shore Mediterranean Sea Oil Potential, Egypt (Paper 29)

Heidar Osman

South China Sea Bathymetry and Interpretation (Paper 30)

Charles S. Hutchison

Abstract: Wrench-Faulting and Compressional Features in an Extensional Basin: the Mekong Basin, Vietnam (Paper 31)

Mastura Abd Malik, N. H. Ngoc, M. Jamil Said, M. Nasir Abd Rahman, H. D. Tjia

Abstract: Geological Well Reporting and Well Data Management — A Journey through Time (Paper 32)

Rien Corstanje

Abstract: Shell's Integrated Approach to 3D Basin Modelling (Paper 33)

L. Sánchez Rodríguez, K. K. Liaw, A. Bray, H. D. Wang

Imaging Beneath Gas - A Prestack Depth Migration Case Study (Paper 34)

Osman Khan, Uwe Klein-Helmkamp, Peter Whiting, Tim Chapman

Abstract: Structural Style of Kudat Peninsula, Sabah (Paper 35)

F. Tongkul

Abstract: Stochastic Inversion as a Part of Static Model Building (Paper 36)

Miltos Xynogalas

Abstract: Genetic Unit and Prediction of Petrophysical Parameters — A Case Study (Paper 37)

Mohd Azizi bin Ibrahim

Abstract: Surface Detection of Reservoir Hydrocarbons through Vertical Migration (Paper 38)

David G. R. Goold, Holger Stolpmann

Abstract: E&P Industry Performance Improvements Require Process and Technology Changes (Keynote Address 2)

Sid Williams

Abstract: Reservoir Connectivity Analysis: Understanding of Fluid Distribution within Productive Intervals in Tabu and Tapis Fields, Malay Basin (Paper 39)

Mohd Rohani Elias, Bill James, Peter Vrolijk, Rod Myers

Abstract: Oil Discovery in the Sepat Field (Paper 40)

Hamdan Mohamad, Idris Mohamed

Abstract: Carbonate Build-Ups in Central Luconia: New Insights from 3D (Paper 41)

Guenter Jaeger, Piet Lambregts, Laurent Bourdon, Andrew Chan

An Integrated Approach to Pore Pressure Prediction in an Exploration Setting, Deepwater Sarawak Block F (Paper 42)

R. Courel, D. Goulding, P. Desegaulx, M. Bayly, P. Abolins, C. Sejourne, L. De Walque, G. Pouliquen, F. Dartois

Abstract: A Sequence Stratigraphic Perspective of the Dent Group, Eastern Sabah (Poster 1)

Mohd Razali Che Kob, Mohd Fauzi Abdul Kadir, Awalludin Harun

Abstract: Facies and Sedimentary Cycles within the D and E Group in the North-Eastern Sector of the Malay Basin, Malaysia (Poster 2)

Abdul Hadi Abd. Rahman, Mohd Rapi Mohamed Som, Moh'd Nurein Bushara

Abstract: Application of Shell Volume Interpretation Software in Fast-Track 3D Seismic Interpretation (Poster 3)

Chee-Hau Hoo, Chit-Meng Ooi, Boon-Teck Yong, Matthew Choo, Harry Germs, Chin-Tiong Ling, John W. K. Voon

Abstract: The Application of Quantitative Interpretation Technology to Offshore Sarawak and Sabah, Malaysia (Poster 4)

Chi-Chin Feng, Hua Zhu, Harry Germs, Chit-Meng Ooi, Miltos Xynogalas, Tai-Ming Ting, Yip-Cheong Kok, Chee-Hau Hoo, Agnes van Bruggen, Sean Dolan, Chin-Leong Ling

Abstract: 4D Seismic Forward Modeling in Offshore Sarawak Fields (Poster 5)

Kok Yip Cheong, Hua Zhu

Abstract: Application of Probabilistic Inversion in Sarawak Gas Fields (Poster 6)

Tai-Ming Ting, Hua Zhu, Agnes van Bruggen

Abstract: Fluid Inclusion Screening of 16 Carbonate Wells from Central Luconia, Offshore Sarawak — Final Results (Poster 7)

Piet Lambregts

Abstract: Challenges of Developing a Stacked Clastic Gas Field (Poster 8)

Navpreet Singh, Graham Cocksworth, Frank David, Gerco Janssen, Kumareson Paranthaman, Chandra Velu, Leong Hon Voon, Hua Zhu

Abstract: Volume Interpretation in the Malay Basin: How to Leverage the Value of 3D Data by Using State of the Art Technologies to Better Understand Stratigraphical Plays (Poster 9)

Christophe Gonguet, Mike Ainsworth

Reservoir Heterogeneities of Lower Coastal Plain Estuarine Sands, West Patricia Field, Offshore Sarawak (Poster 10)

Teguh Prasetyo, Mohd. Khalid Jamiran, Andy Firth, Mohd. Reza Lasman

Abstract: Technology Integration for Reservoir Characterisation and Optimized Well Planning at Larut Field — Offshore Malay Basin (Poster 11)

Melanie J. Ryan, Christopher E. Harris

Abstract: Improved Reservoir Characterisation from Inversion of High Resolution 3D Seismic Data (Poster 12)

Sagar Ronghe, Mark Sams, Sriyanee De Silva, Julian Sherriff

Abstract: Insights on Prospectivity of Disputed Zones, South China Sea (Poster 13)

Janice M. Christ, William G. Dickson, James W. Granath

Abstract: Technology Changes Supporting Improved Performance of E&P Industry Processes (Poster 14)

Dylan Mair, Nancy Benthien, Kandy Lukats, Scot Evans

Abstract: Prioritising Exploration Leads in the Sudan Using Magnetic Alteration Seepage Signatures Recognised in High Resolution Aeromagnetic Data (Poster 15)

Vaughan C. A. Stone, W. Heiko Oterdoom, J. Derek Fairhead

Abstract: Measurement of Sediment Surface Heat Flow and its Application in Deepwater Exploration (Poster 16)

Bernie B. Bernard, James M. Brooks

Abstract: Deformation Styles in the Northwest Borneo and North Makassar Basins (Poster 17)

Peter Baillie, Herman Darman

Abstract: Comparison of Source Rock Geochemistry of Selected Organic-Rich Rocks from the New Airport Site and Tg. Kidurong, Bintulu, Sarawak: Implication for Oil Generation from Terrestrial-Derived Organic Matter (Poster 18)

Ismail Elforjani Shushan, Wan Hasiah Abdullah, Abdul Hadi Abdul Rahman

Abstract: The Late Miocene Sandakan Formation, East Sabah: Facies, Depositional Environments and Relative Sea Level Change (Poster 19)

Tarek Abu Bakar, Abdul Hadi Abd. Rahman, Wan Haslah Abdullah

Sedimentary Facies Development of Breccia Dominated Sediments in Tanjung Sekakap-Tanjung Murau Area, Mersing, Johor (Poster 20)

Sugeng S. Surjono, Mohd. Shafeea Leman, Kamal Roslan Mohamed, Che Aziz Ali