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Houston Geological Society

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Active Faults, Subsidence, and Foundation Problems in the Houston, Texas, Area: Field Excursion No. 5, November 11 and 15, 1962

Paul Weaver, Martin M. Sheets

Cambrian History, Llano Region

W. C. Bell, Virgil E. Barnes

Carboniferous History, Llano Region

W. C. Bell

Coastal Louisiana Swamps and Marshlands: Field Trip No. 9

H. R. Gould, J. P. Morgan

Engineering Geology of Canyon Dam, Guadalupe River, Comal County, Texas: Field Excursion No. 12, November 11, 1962

W. E. Webb, Arthur M. Hull

Field Excursion No. 1, November 10-11, 1962: Geology of Llano Region and Austin Area

V. E. Barnes, W. C. Bell, S. E. Clabaugh, P. E. Cloud Jr., Keith Young, R. V. McGehee

Fresh Water from Sea Water and Magnesium from Sea Water: G. S. A. Field Excursion No. 8, November 15, 1962

U. S. Dept. of Interior, Dow Chemical Company

Frontmatter: Geology of the Gulf Coast and Central Texas and Guidebook of Excursions

E. H. Rainwater, R. P. Zingula

Geologic History of Central Texas: Precambrian Rocks of Llano Region

S. E. Clabaugh, R. V. McGehee

Hydrogeology of the Edwards and Associated Limestones: G. S. A. Field Excursion No. 11, November 10, 11, 1962

W. O. George, Leonard A. Wood, R. D. Reeves

Mesozoic History, Llano Region, with Field Trip Road Logs

Keith Young

Notes on Cenozoic Sedimentation in the Gulf Coast Geosyncline, U.S.A.

George C. Hardin Jr.

Ordovician to Earliest Mississippian Rocks, Llano Region

Virgil E. Barnes, Preston E. Cloud Jr.

Palestine and Grand Saline Salt Domes, Eastern Texas: Field Excursion No. 6, November 15, 1962

William R. Muehlberger, Patricia S. Clabaugh, Maxwell L. Hightower

Recent and Pleistocene Geology of Southeast Texas: Field Excursion No. 3, November 10 and 11

H. A. Bernard, R. J. LeBlanc, C. F. Major

Sulphur Mine at Boling Dome - Road Log: G. S. A. Field Excursion No. 7, November 15, 1962

I. E. McKeever Jr.

Tertiary and Uppermost Cretaceous of the Brazos River Valley Southeastern Texas: G. S. A. Field Excursion No. 2, November 10-11 & 15-16, 1962

Fred E. Smith

Tertiary Foraminifera in Gulf Coast Petroleum Exploration and Development

H. L. Tipsword

Tertiary Formations Between Austin and Houston with Special Emphasis on the Miocene and Pliocene: Field Excursion No. 10, November 11, 1962

John A. Wilson

Tertiary Stratigraphy and Uranium Mines of the Southeast Texas Coastal Plain, Houston to San Antonio, Via Goliad: Field Excursion No. 4, November 15, 1962

D. H. Eargle, R. T. Foust Jr.