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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Houston Geological Society

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Adams Ranch, West Field

Victor R. Lahti

Adams Ranch Field

Victor R. Lahti

Altair Field

Jack Colle, Debbie Haston

Alvin, North Field

Ted Hole

Alvin, South Field

Robert S. Dollison, J. F. Greiner

Angelina Field

Jay Temple

Big A (Taylor) Gas Field

Lane E. Horstmann

Blue Lake West Field

Arthur E. Smith Jr.

Blue Marsh Field

John P. Aivano

Blue Ridge, North, South, and East Fields

Howard W. Kiatta

Borchers Field

Wesley Fiandt

Carancahua Creek and Indian Creek Fields

Jesse Fowler, J. D. Bartell


Ben A. McCarthy

Cedar Point Field

Robert C. Pace

Clemens North, Clemens Southwest, Clemens Northeast, and Clemens Dome Fields

George L. Keprta

Collegeport Field

Robert S. Dollison, John F. Greiner, Gary M. Hamilton

Collins Lake Field

Arthur E. Smith Jr.

Colorado Delta Field (Offshore)

James A. McCarthy

Cornerstone Field and Cornerstone N. E. Field

Leighton F. Young Jr.

Cottonwood Field

Curtis Chapman, John O. Hawkins

Cypress Cockfield "A" Field

Henry R. Hamman, Louis M. Martinez

Cypress Field

Henry R. Hamman, Louis M. Martinez

Damascus Field - Woodbine Sand

Presley C. Hudson, G. Mac Thompson

Deckers Prairie Field(s) (Deckers Prairie, Deckers Prairie South, and Deckers Prairie South Segment A)

Raymond D. Reynolds

Delhi North Field

William G. Elliott

Devillier Field

Patrick T. Gordon

Doty Field

Paul Lesser

Double Bayou South

Lisa M. Shorb, John O. Hawkins, Howard W. Kiatta

Dubina, South

Stewart Chuber, Harvey H. Howell

Duffy Field

Connie Moore

Dyersdale North Field

G. P. Bowen

Elwood Field

R. de Camara, J. Johnston

Four Corner's Field (12,000 Feet F-20 Sand)

David Bacchus

Galveston Area Block 176-S Field

Chris Myers

Galveston Block 102-L (Miocene Field)

Edgar E. St. James Jr.

Galveston Block 104-L

David E. Lewis

Gebhart Field

David J. Voight

Giddings (Edwards, Gas)

Lane E. Horstmann

Giddings Field

Lane E. Horstmann

Goose Creek Field

Michael J. Quinn

Grass Island Field

Ben Buongiorno

Half Moon Shoal Field

Neil Fisher

Halls Bayou (Chocolate Bayou South)

William G. Elliott

Hamshire, West (Nodosaria)

R. de Camara, J. Johnston

Hankamer, South Field

Robert H. Appelbaum

Hastings, Southeast Field

Robert C. Pace

High Island 10-L Field

Jesse Fowler, Charles Caughey

High Island Block 24-L Field

Jesse Fowler, Jim Houston, David Mitchell, J. A. Slater

Humble Field

John F. Simpson

Iola, South (Sub-Clarksville) Field

Duncan D. Dubroff

Kodytek and Tavener Fields

Kestugis Barcas, Jay Carsten, Bonnie Dommer, Chuck Dommer, Raymond Marlow

Lake Stephenson Field (Frio 9400')

Howard W. Kiatta

Manor Lake Field

Robert W. Barnhill Jr.

Marrs McLean Field

Jay Temple

Matagorda Bay Field

James A. McCarthy

Milton, North Field (Lower Wilcox 13,000 Ft. Sand)

Jesse Fowler

Neal Hill Field

Jim Bob Jackson

Nelsonville Field

David A. Fontaine

New Ace Field

David A. Fontaine

New Ulm Field

Edwin Pinero, David A. Fontaine

Nome Field

John O. Hawkins

Nome Southeast Field

John O. Hawkins

The Occurrence of Oil and Gas in Southeast Texas: Introduction

Martin M. Sheets

Peach Point Field

D. N. Valleau, K. L. Azinger

Pheasant, Southwest Field

Jerry A. Watson, Michael A. Fox

Point Bolivar, North Field

Neil Fisher

Port Neches North (Hackberry)

Howard W. Kiatta

Powderhorn, Southwest and Powderhorn-Melbourne

James A. McCarthy

Provident City Field

Chris W. Douglas

Rowan Field

Wm. Robert Whitaker, Robert S. Dollison

Rowan North Field and Rowan Northwest Field

R. S. Dollison, J. F. Greiner

Rugeley Field, S., SW., N. - (12,850 ft.) Anomalina Sand

David Bacchus, Carl Kuhnen

Sabine Pass

Robert H. Appelbaum

Sabine Tram; Sabine Tram, East; Sabine Tram, West

Howard W. Kiatta

Saluria Field

James A. McCarthy

Sheridan Southwest Field

Tommy M. Thompson

Sheriff East Field

James A. McCarthy

Sheriff Field

James A. McCarthy

Sherman Field

R. H. Baillio Jr.

Ship Channel Field

Neil Fisher

Shipwreck Field: Miocene (L-1 & L-2 Sands) and Frio ("Big Gas Sand")

Neil Fisher

Sour Lake East Field (Upthrown) - Yegua

Cheryl Desforges Miller

Teague Townsite Field, Cotton Valley Lime

Tommy M. Thompson

Ten Mile Creek Field

Victor R. Lahti

Texas City Dike Field, Texas City Dike North and Dollar Point Fields

Neil Fisher

Thompson, North (Vicksburg) Field

Kestugis Barcas, Jay Carston, Bonnie Dommer, Chuck Dommer, Raymond Marlow

Thompson Field Area

C. J. Donofrio, R. L. Read, A. A. Kohlhoff, S. D. Witte

Twin Basin Field

Thomas L. Pellegrini

White's Bayou South

Larry Bartell

Word Complex

H. W. Baker

Yoakum Field

Stewart Chuber