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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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Effect of Particle Shape on the Packing of Carbonate Sands and Gravels

Robert J. Vinopal , Alan H. Coogan

Polycrystallinity: Effect on the Durability of Detrital Quartz

James Harrell , Harvey Blatt

Effects of Abrasion Durability on Conglomerate Clast Populations: Examples from Cretaceous and Eocene Conglomerates of the San Diego Area, California

Patrick L. Abbott, Gary L. Peterson

Transition Matrices and the Depositional Environments of a Fluvial Sequence

K. L. McDonnell

Early Ordovician Tidal Flat Sedimentation, Western Margin of Proto-Atlantic Ocean

S. J. Mazzullo

The Petrology and Depositional Environments of the Middle Cambrian Wirrealpa and Aroona Creek Limestones (South Australia)

Bridget C. Youngs

Oligocene Continental Sedimentation in the Caliente Range Area, California

J. Alan Bartow

Stratigraphy and Depositional Environments of the Upper Cambrian-lower Ordovician Sequence, Saratoga Springs, New York

S. J. Mazzullo, Patrick Agostino, John N. Seitz, Donald W. Fisher

Conglomeratic Miocene Flysch, Western Greece

David J. W. Piper, A. G. Panagos, G. G. Pe

The Evolution of a Carbonate Shelf, Silurian Mckenzie Formation, West Virginia: A Cluster Analytic Approach

Richard Smosna, Steven M. Warshauer

Lacustrine Stromatolites and Associated Sediments of the Pliocene Ridge Route Formation, Ridge Basin, California

Martin H. Link, Robert H. Osborne, Stanley M. Awramik

Fluvial and Deltaic Facies in the Sentinel Butte Formation, Central Williston Basin

V. B. Cherven

Mound Structures from the Caithness Flagstones (Middle Devonian), Northern Scotland

R. Nowell Donovan, Alan Collins

Red-bed Diageneses in the East Berlin Formation, Newark Group, Connecticut Valley

John F. Hubert, Alan A. Reed

Rusophycus in the Late Silurian High Falls Formation of Northwestern New Jersey

Ronald L. Martino, Otto S. Zapecza

Backset Bedding in Turbidites: A Further Example from the Cloridorme Formation (Middle Ordovician), Gaspe, Quebec

Keith Skipper , S. B. Bhattacharjee

Kaolinite-enrichment Beneath Coals; A Modern Analog, Snuggedy Swamp, South Carolina

James R. Staub, Arthur D. Cohen

The Geological and Paleogeomorphological Evolution of a Spit System and Its Associated Coastal Environments: Cape Henlopen Spit, Delaware

John C. Kraft, Elizabeth A. Allen, Evelyn M. Maurmeyer

Ebb-Tidal Delta Morphology and Sediment Supply in Relation to Seasonal Wave Energy Flux, North Inlet, South Carolina

Robert J. Finley

Estimates of Sand Transport on the New York Shelf Using Near-bottom Current Meter Observations

P. E. Gadd, J. W. Lavelle, D. J. P. Swift

Cenozoic Provenance and Sediment Cycling: Hamilton Bank, Labrador Shelf

Richard H. Fillon, Carolyn Ferguson , Francis Thomas

Factors Controlling Heavy-mineral Variations on the South Texas Outer Continental Shelf, Gulf of Mexico

Romeo M. Flores, Gerald L. Shideler

An Analysis of the Formation and Development of Avalanches on Submarine Slopes

K. A. Bilashvili

Methods of Till Investigation In Europe and North America

Anto Raukas, David M. Mickelson, Aleksis Dreimanis

Dolomitization of Lower Paleozoic Burrow-Fillings

David W. Morrow

Holocene Cementation of Carbonate Sediments in the Florida Keys

Donald E. Hattin, J. Robert Dodd

Interpretation of the Origin and Diagenesis of Pleistocene Chalk, Eniwetok Atoll, Marshall Islands

Patricia E. Videtich , Edward L. Tremba

Fossil Diversity in Thin Section

Richard Smosna, Steven Warshauer

A Chemical Model for Calcite Crystal Growth and Morphology Control

Richard W. Lahann

A Chemical Model for Calcite Crystal Growth and Morphology Control: DISCUSSION

R. L. Folk

A Chemical Model for Calcite Crystal Growth and Morphology Control: REPLY

Richard W. Lahann