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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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Pervasive Subsurface Dolomitization of the Nisku Formation in Central Alberta

Hans G. Machel, James H. Anderson

The Diurnal Inequality of the Tide as a Parameter for Recognizing Tidal Influences

P. L. De Boer, A. P. Oost, M. J. Visser

Provenance Characteristics of Detrital Opaque Fe-Ti Oxide Minerals

Abhijit Basu, Emanuela Molinaroli

Stone Orientations in Basal Glaciogenic Diamictite: Four Examples from the Permo-Carboniferous Dwyka Formation, South Africa

Johan N. J. Visser

Sedimentology and Depositional Setting of Late Pleistocene Drumlins, Galway Bay, Western Ireland

A. Marshall McCabe, George F. Dardis

Decelerating Holocene Sea-Level Rise and its Influence on Southwest Florida Coastal Evolution: A Transgressive/Regressive Stratigraphy

Randall W. Parkinson

Depositional Processes and Stratigraphy of Fluvially Dominated Lacustrine Deltas: Mississippi Delta Plain

Robert S. Tye , James M. Coleman

The Influence of Disaggregation Methods on X-ray Diffraction of Clay Minerals

Scott L. Huang

Formation of Peloids in Plant Rootlets, Grand Cayman, British West Indies

Brian Jones, Cheryl A. Squair

Paleogeographic Significance of Oriented Calcareous Concretions in the Triassic Katberg Formation, South Africa

M. R. Johnson

Leaching of Heavy Minerals Above and Below the Mid-Cretaceous Unconformity in the Ohuriawa Gorge Area of the Waipara River, North Canterbury, New Zealand

David Smale

Coastal Sediments and Patterns of Bioturbation, Eastern Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts

Robert W. Frey, James D. Howard, Jurgen Dorjes

Shallowing-Upwards Sedimentation in a Coral Reef Lagoon, Great Barrier Reef of Australia

Alexander W. Tudhope

Role of Hurricanes in the Holocene Stratigraphy of Estuaries: Examples from the Gulf Coast of Florida

Richard A. Davis, Jr., Stephen C. Knowles , Michael J. Bland

Bedforms, Primary Structures and Grain Fabric in the Presence of Suspended Sediment Rain

R. W. C. Arnott , Bryce M. Hand