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Age and mode of the middle Miocene marine flooding of the Pannonian Basin-constraints from central Serbia

Oleg Mandic, Ljupko Rundic Stjepan Corc, Durdica Pezelj, Dorte Theobalt, Karin Sant, Wout Krijgsman

Application of Raman spectroscopy in comparison between cryptic microbialites of Recent marine caves and Triassic patch reefs

Adriano Guido, Stephen Kershaw, Franco Russo, Domenico Miriello, Adelaide Mastandrea

Aspiration or expiration: hypoxia and the interpretation of fish predation in the fossil record

D. Ross Robertson, Carole C. Baldwin, David Bellwood, Richard Pyle, William Smith-Vaniz, Luke Tornabene, James L. Van Tassell

Bioerosion on spinicaudata shells from a Triassic freshwater paleolake, Mendoza, Argentina

Evelyn Luz Bustos Escalona, Adriana Cecilia Mancuso, Cecilia Andrea Benavente

Biomarker signatures in Triassic coprolites

Raman Umamaheswaran, G.V.R. Prasad, Arka Rudra, Suryendu Dutta

Bioresuspension behaviors of the gobiid, Valenciennea puellaris, and the biogenic sedimentary structures it produces

Reed A. Myers, Murray K. Gingras, Gabriella Keyes, Kurt O. Konhauser, John-Paul Zonneveld

Bivalves on the move: the interplay of extrinsic and intrinsic factors on the morphology of the trace fossil Protovirgularia

María I. López Cabrera, M. Gabriela Mángano, Luis A. Buatois, Eduardo B. Olivero, Christopher G. Maples

Burrows and ichnofabric produced by centipedes: modern and ancient examples

Daniel I. Hembree

Burrows of the polychaete Perinereis aibuhiutensis on a tidal flat of the Yellow River Delta in China: implications for the ichnofossils Polykladichnus and Archaeonassa

Wang Yuanyuan, Wang Xueqin, Alfred Uchman, Hu Bin, Song Huibo

A Cambrian meraspid cluster: evidence of trilobite egg deposition in a nest site

David R. Schwimmer, William M. Montante

Comment to Carmona et al. (2018) "Biogenic structures of unioniform bivalves in wet interdune deposits (late Miocene-early Pliocene, Argentina)"

Sergio Martínez

Conch fritters through time: human predation and population demographics of Lobatus gigas on San Salvador Island, The Bahamas

Mikaela R. Ruga, David L. Meyer, John Warren Huntley

Earliest Petroxestes borings from Sandbian (earliest late Ordovician) bryozoans of northern Estonia

Olev Vinn, Mark A. Wilson, Ursula Toom

Ecological and taphonomic fidelity in fossil crinoid accumulations

David L. Meyer, William I. Ausich

Environmental stress and iterative paedomorphism in shells of Poecilozonites (Gastropoda: Gastrodontidae) from Bermuda

Paul J. Hearty, Storrs L. Olson

Evaluating growth and ecology in baculitid and scaphitid ammonites using stable isotope sclerochronology

Katherine Ferguson, Kenneth G. MacLeod, Neil H. Landman, Jocelyn A. Sessa

Exceptional preservation of soft tissues by microbial entombment: insights into the taphonomy of the Crato Konservat-Lagerstatte

Filipe G. Varejão, Lucas V. Warren, Marcello G. Simões, Franz T. Fürsich, Suzana A. Matos, Mario L. Assine

Experimental preservation of muscle tissue in quartz sand and kaolinite

Sharon A. Newman, Mirna Daye, Sirine C. Fakra, Matthew A. Marcus, Mihkel Pajusalu, Sara B. Pruss, Emily F. Smith, Tanja Bosak

Floodplain taphonomic mode of early Miocene vertebrates of southern Patagonia, Argentina

Claudia I. Montalvo, M. Sol Raigemborn, Rodrigo L. Tomassini, Luciano Zapata, M. Susana Bargo, M. Celeste Martínez Uncal, Sergio F. Vizcaíno

Helical crustacean burrows: Gyrolithes ichnofabrics from the Pliocene of Lepe (Huelva, SW Spain)

Fernando Muñiz, Zain Belaústegui

Ichnofabrics from a Cretaceous eolian system of western Argentina: expanding the application of core ichnology to desert environments

Luis A. Buatois, Carlos Echevarría

Increase in carbonate contribution from framework-building metazoans through early Cambrian reefs of the western Basin and Range, USA

David R. Cordie, Stephen Q. Dornbos, Pedro J. Marenco

Lacustrine systems in the early Miocene of northern South America-evidence from the Upper Magdalena Valley, Colombia

Felipe de la Parra, Diego Pinzon, Guillermo Rodriguez, Omar Bedoya, Roger Benson

Latitudinal patterns of gastropod drilling predation intensity through time

Subhronil Mondal, Hindolita Chakraborty, Shubhabrata Paul

Life history, environment and extinction of the scallop Carolinapecten eboreus (Conrad) in the Plio-Pleistocene of the U.S. eastern seaboard

Andrew L.A. Johnson, Annemarie M. Valentine, Melanie J. Leng, Bernd R. Schöne, Hilary J. Sloane

The limits of Burgess Shale-type preservation: assessing the evidence for preservation of the blood protein hemocyanin in the Burgess Shale

Robert R. Gaines, Alexander J. Lombardo, Iris O. Holzer, Jean-Bernard Caron

Lower Triassic limulid trackways (Kouphichnium) from the southwestern margin of the Yangtze carbonate platform: paleoenvironmental and paleoecological implications

Guo Shi, Adam D. Woods, Mei-Yi Yu, Xiao-Wei Li, Heng-Ye Wei, Dan Qiao

A new analytical procedure to graphically characterize the taphonomic properties of skeletal carbonates: an example from Miocene limestones of New Zealand.

Vincent Caron, Julien Bailleul, Frank Chanier, Geoffroy Mahieux, François-Xavier Joanny

A new teichichnoid trace fossil Syringomorpha cyprensis from the Miocene of Cyprus

Olmo Miguez-Salas, Francisco J. Rodríguez-Tovar, Alfred Uchman

No large bias within species between the reconstructed areas of complete and fragmented fossil leaves

Eric R. Hagen, Dana L. Royer, Ryan A. Moye, Kirk R. Johnson

An overview of hymenopteran cocoons as a tool to interpret ichnospecies of Fictovichnus (Pallichnidae) and other fossil cocoons of wasps

Laura C. Sarzetti, Jorge F. Genise, Pablo Dinghi, M. Alejandra Molina

Oxygen isotope profiles of uppermost Jurassic vertebrate teeth and oyster shells: a record of paleoenvironmental changes and animal habitats

Hubert Wierzbowski, Błażej Błażejowski, Daniel Tyborowski

The paleobotany and paleoecology of the Eocene Herren Beds of north-central Oregon, USA

Anthony P. Jijina, Ellen D. Currano, Kurt Constenius

Paleoecologic analysis of edrioasteroid (Echinodermata) encrusted slabs from the Chesterian (Upper Mississippian) Kinkaid Limestone of southern Illinois

René A. Shroat-Lewis, Emily N. Greenwood, Colin D. Sumrall

Paleoenvironmental and biostratigraphic implications of echinoderm ossicles trapped within Burmese amber

Mariusz A. Salamon, Jih-Pai Lin, Piotr Duda, Przemysław Gorzelak, William I. Ausich, Tatsuo Oji

Refining the Croft parallel grinder for acetate peel serial sectioning and virtual paleontology

Yuchen Zhang, Colin D. Sproat, Renbin Zhan, Weimin Zhang, Xiaocong Luan, Bing Huang

Reply to Comment: Biogenic structures of unioniform bivalves in wet-interdune deposits (late Miocene-early Pliocene, Argentina)

Noelia B. Carmona, Juan Jose Ponce, Andreas Wetzel

Revealing the genesis of limestone-marl alternations: a taphonomic approach

Theresa Nohl, Emilia Jarochowska, Axel Munnecke

Sedimentology and carbon isotope (13C) stratigraphy of Silurian-Devonian boundary interval strata, Appalachian Basin (Pennsylvania, USA)

Anya V. Hess, Jeffrey M. Trop

Sequence stratigraphic and paleoecologic analysis of an Albian coral-rudist patch reef, Arizona, USA

Kelly E. Hattori, Charles Kerans, Rowan C. Martindale

Sparassodonta (Metatheria) coprolites from the early-mid Miocene (Santacrucian Age) of Patagonia (Argentina) with evidence of exploitation by coprophagous insects

Rodrigo L. Tomassini, Claudia I. Montalvo, M. Susana Bargo, Sergio F. Vizcaíno, José I. Cuitiño

Taphonomy and paleoecology of an ophiuroid-stylophoran obrution deposit from the Lower Devonian Bokkeveld Group, South Africa

Mhairi Reid, Wendy L. Taylor, Carlton E. Brett, Aaron W. Hunter, Emese M. Bordy

Taphonomy of the lower Jurassic Konservat-Lagerstatte at Ya Ha Tinda (Alberta, Canada) and its significance for exceptional fossil preservation during oceanic anoxic events

A.D. Muscente, Rowan C. Martindale, James D. Schiffbauer, Abby L. Creighton, Brooke A. Bogan

Testing the Daptocephalus and Lystrosaurus assemblage zones in a lithostratographic, magnetostratigraphic, and palynological framework in the Free State, South Africa

Robert A. Gastaldo, Johann Neveling, John W. Geissman, Cindy V. Looy

Tiny keys to unlocking the Kellwasser Events: detailed characterization of organic walled microfossils associated with extinction in western New York State

Abigail A. Kelly, Phoebe A. Cohen, Diana L. Boyer

Trace fossils of problematic origin: assessing silicified trace fossils from the Permian of Utah, USA

Zackery P. Wistort, Kathleen A. Ritterbush, A.A. Ekdale

Tracing origin and collapse of Holocene benthic baseline communities in the northern Adriatic Sea

Ivo Gallmetzer, Alexandra Haselmair, Adam Tomašových, Anna-Katharina Mautner, Sara-Maria Schnedl, Daniele Cassin, Roberto Zonta, Martin Zuschin

Unveiling the consequences of environmental variation and species abundances on beach taphofacies in Bahamas: the role of cementation and exhumation

Sol Bayer, Diego Balseiro, Diego F. Muñoz, Sandra Gordillo

Wasting away in the intertidal: the fate of chiton valves in an acidifying ocean

Bryce A. Peebles, Abigail M. Smith