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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

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Abstract: 24-Isopropylcholestanes: Possible Sponge Biomarkers in Sediments and Petroleum

M. A. McCaffrey, J. M. Moldowan, P. A. Lipton, R. E. Summons, K. E. Peters, A. Jeganathan, D. S Watt

Abstract: Cambrian Biostratigraphic Events within Central and Northern Australian Basins

J. H. Shergold

Abstract: Early Cambrian Trilobites from the Ouldburra Formation, Manya-6, Eastern Officer Basin

J. B. Jago, Tian-rui Lin, J. N. Dunster

Abstract: Hydrocarbon Prospectivity of the Southern Georgina Basin, Northern Territory

J. Karajas

Abstract: Microfossils and Molecular Fossils from the Neoproterozoic Alinya Formation -- a Possible New Source Rock in the Eastern Officer Basin

Wenlong Zang, D. M. McKirdy

Abstract: Ouldburra Formation as a Potential Source and Reservoir for Petroleum in the Manya Trough, Eastern Officer Basin

M. R. Kamali, N. M. Lemon, D. M. McKirdy

Abstract: The Neoproterozoic Centralian Superbasin

M. R. Walter, J. J. Veevers, C. R. Calver, K. Grey

Biomarker Geochemistry of the Early Cambrian Oil Show in Wilkatana-1: Implications for Oil Generation in the Arrowie and Stansbury Basins

D. M. McKirdy

Eustatic Controls on Australian Triassic Marine and Non-Marine Clastic Sequences

J. D. Gorter

Extended Abstract: A Closer Look at the Petroleum Potential of the Ngalia Basin, Northern Territory

J. A. Deckelman, J. K. Davidson

Extended Abstract: Review of Neoproterozoic and Early Palaeozoic Acritarch Biostratigraphy in Australia

Wenlong Zang

Extended Abstract: Stratigraphy and Sedimentology of the Cambro-Ordovician Successions, Eastern Warburton Basin, South Australia

Xiaowen Sun, W. J. Stuart, J. K. Warren

Fault Interpretation Problems in the Southeast Barrow Sub-Basin

R. K. Whyte

Impact of the Petroleum Search Subsidy Acts on the Exploration for Petroleum in Australia

V. L. Passmore

Structural and Tectonic Evolution of the Western Australian Margin Basin System

M. A. Etheridge, G. W. O'Brien

Summary of 1993 Seismic Exploration in the Officer Basin, South Australia

D. I. Gravestock, J. F. Lindsay

The 1993 PESA Australian Lecture: Some Ideas on the Sequence Setting of Source Rocks

R. B. Kirk