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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

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A Reservoir Geochemistry Solution to Contradictory Pre- and Post-Fracture Stimulation Well Test Results, D14STL Gas Field, Hanoi Trough, Vietnam

Christine West, P H Quah

Application of Geochemistry to Identify and Define Commercial Success in Petroleum Exploration and Development

S. C. Teerman, R. J. Hwang

Assessing Maturity and the Effects of Diagenetic Oxidation through the Integration of Vitrinite Reflectance (VR), Fluorescence Alteration of Multiple Macerals (FAMMâ„¢) and Apatite Fission Track Thermochronology (AFTT)

G. T. Cooper, P. B. O'Sullivan, N. Sherwood, K. C. Hill

Enigmatic Asphaltites from the Southern Australian Margin: Molecular and Carbon Isotopic Composition

Dianne Edwards, David M. McKirdy, Roger E. Summons

Gas Hydrates and Free Gas on the Lord Howe Rise, Tasman Sea

N. F. Exon, G. R. Dickens, J-M. Auzende, Y. Lafoy, P. A. Symonds, S. Van de Beuque

Geochemical Comparison of Oil Trapped in Fluid Inclusions and Reservoired Oil in Blackback Oilfield, Gippsland Basin, Australia

Simon C. George, Peter J. Eadington, Mark Lisk, Robinson A. Quezada

Geochemistry of the Devonian, Barrabiddy 1A, Gascoyne Platform, Carnarvon Basin, Western Australia

K. A. R. Ghori

Hydrous Pyrolysis of Samples from Bayu 1, Zone of Co-Operation, Bonaparte Basin, Australia: Relevance to the Potential Misidentification of Source Rock Facies in Cap Rocks and Interbedded Reservoir Shales

John D. Gorter, Birgitta Hartung-Kagi

Molecular Indicators for Palaeoenvironmental Changes

B. G. K. van Aarssen, R. Alexander, R. I. Kagi

Oil Families and Effective Source Rocks of Western Australia

John Scott, Birgitta Hartung-Kagi

Petroleum Geochemistry of Crude Oil Contaminated with NovaPlus

Gwenda A. Hart, Steven J. Fisher

The Role of ESSO Univis J-26 and Similar Substances in Source Rock Contamination, 1986 to 1992

John D. Gorter