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Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

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Petroleum Geology, Volume 34 Issue 1; Frontmatter

James Clarke

Radiometric Anomalies Above Oil and Gas Fields

V. G. Mavrichev, I. V. Molodtsov

Lower-Middle Jurassic Sediments of the South of West Siberia

V. S. Surkov, A. M. Kazakov, V. P. Devyatov, L. V. Smirnov, S. P. Zayiyev, O. V. Serebrennikova, Ye. V. Gylaya

Characteristics of Salt Accumulation in Zones of Deep Faults of Dnieper-Donets Depression

V. K. Gavrish, L. I. Ryabchun, A. I. Nadoshovenko, Ye. S. Petrova, T. V. Gusynina

Marine and Continental Salt-Bearing Formations of Kazakstan and Questions of their Oil-Gas Potential

I. N. Komissarov, F. Ye. Sinitsyn, B. A. Solov’yev, S. B. Bakirov

Tectonics and Late Jurassic Halogenesis on Scythian-Turanian Platform

V. I. Sedletskiy, A. A. Baykov, G. A. Semenov

Oil-Gas Potential of Northern and Far Eastern Seas of Russia and Problems of Completion

M. D. Bolinin, Yu. N. Grigorenko, V. S. Sobolev

New Look at Oil-Gas Prospects of Western Segment of Karpinskiy Ridge

Yu. A. Volozh, M. P. Antipov, S. I. Filin, Yu. G. Yurov

Paleogeomorphological Conditions of Sedimentation of Upper Visean Sand-Clay Units of Central Part of Dnieper-Donets Depression in Relation to its Oil-Gas Potential

A. I. Nedoshovenko, Ye. S. Petrova, L. I. Ryabchun, T. V. Gysynina, L. L. Lishchenko, O. V. Sedlerova

Oil-Gas Prospects of Tuapse Downwarp, Trans-Caucasus Offshore (Black Sea)

I. F. Glumov, V. A. Viginskiy

Velocity and Stratigraphic Models of Dnieper-Donets Paleo-Rift (Reshetilov-Sinevka Deep Seismic Sounding Profile)

T. V. Il’chenko, L. T. Kalyuzhnaya

Cyclicity in Oil-Gas Accumulation

V. K. Gavrish

Role of Planetary Belts of Deep Faults of the Earth in Distribution of Oil-Gas Provinces

V. I. Titov

Manrak Upthrust-Overthrust Zone in Zaysan Depression and its Oil-Gas Potential

A. N. Obukhov

Model of Structure of Seismo-Stratigraphic Range of Neocomian Sediments of Middle Ob Region

N. Ya Kunin, S. P. Filippova, C. G. Kyzmenkov, S. P. Tyunegin, A. N. Zadoyenko