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Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

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Petroleum Geology, Volume 34 Issue 2; Frontmatter

James Clarke

Geodynamic Evolution of the Turgay (Torgay) Downwarp in Riphean-Late Paleozoic

I. V. Puzanova

Structural-Lithologic Model and Oil-Gas Potential of Deltaic Complexes (Sakhalin)

V. G. Varnavskiy

Geology and Oil-Gas Prospects of Maykop Sediments of East Cis-Caucasus

F. G. Sharfutdinov, V. F. Sharfutdinov

Oil-Gas Geology of Amur Region and Adjacent Shelf

V. G. Varnavskiy

Supra-Salt Sediments - New Exploration Target for Hydrocarbon Deposits in South of Orenburg Region

S. M. Karnaukhov, A. M. Tyurin, G. V. Leonov

Prospects for Oil-Gas Exploration in Chukchi Sea

D. S. Orudzheva, A. N. Obukhov, D. D. Agapitov

New Favorable Oil-Gas Targets of West Siberia

V. N. Voronov, V. K. Korkunov, D. A. Ivashkeyeva

Zonality of Oil-Gas Accumulation in South Part of Volga-Ural Province

Yu. S. Kononov

Cretaceous Oil-Gas Complexes of Eastern Russia

V. G. Varnavskiy

Lower-Middle Jurassic Sediments of the South of West Siberia

V. S. Surkov, A. M. Kazakov, V. P. Devyatov, L. V. Smirnov, O. V. Shiganova, A. Ye Yekhanin, S. P. Zayiyev, O. V. Serebrennikov, Ye. V. Gulaya

Oil-Gas Prospects of Lower-Middle Jurassic of North Part of Ust’-Tym Depression

O. V. Zolotova

Large Reef-Type High in Sub-Salt Section of Aktyubinsk Near-Ural Area

A. Sh. Nazhmetdinov, Yu. A. Pantyushev, Sh. Z. Khusainov, V. I. Naval’neva

Structure and Conditions of Formation of the Oil-Bearing Strata of Vostochno-Ekhabi Field of North Sakhalin

I. Ye. Nikolayev

Regional Geology and Oil-Gas Potential of Pechora Sea

A. I. Letavin, N. T. Kurenkov

Resource Base for Oil and Gas Production of East Siberia and Far East

V. F. Mazanov, M. N. Popova, A. M. Khitrov, G. T. Yudin