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Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

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3-D Integrated Workflow for Understanding the Fracture Interference and its Impact into the Gas Production of the Woodford Shale

Eva Peza

3-D Seismic Characterization of the Niobrara Formation, Silo Field, Laramie County, Wyoming

Elena Finley

3D Seismic Proves its Value in Bakken Geosteering

Angie Southcott

Accelerating Shale Asset Success Through Applied Reservoir Understanding

Ronald G. Dusterhoft

Accounting for Remaining Injected Fracturing Fluid in Shale Gas Wells

Yannan Zhang

Advanced Core Analysis Methodologies Quantify and Characterize Liquid Hydrocarbons in the Vaca Muerta Shale

Ryan Williams

Analysis of Liquid Resource Play Potential in China

Natasha J. Smith

Anticosti Island, Quebec : Compelling Data for Deep Fairway Utica-Equivalent Oil

Jean-Sebastien Marcil

Apparent Permeability for Gas Flow in Shale Reservoirs Coupling Effects of Gas Diffusion and Desorption

Keliu Wu

Application of Artificial Intelligence on Black Shale Lithofacies Prediction in Marcellus Shale, Appalachian Basin

Guochang Wang

Application of Inorganic Geochemical Studies for Characterization of Bakken Shales, Williston Basin, North Dakota and Montana

Dipanwita Nandy

Application of Lithofacies Modelling in Enhancing the Well Productivity; An Example from Eagle Ford Shale

Ajit K. Sahoo

Application of Real-Time Reservoir Navigation and High-Definition Electrical Imaging Services for Enhanced Well Placement and Optimal Completion Design

Mark G. Thomas

An Approach of Optimizing the Production From Mature Fields Using Improved Jet Pump Designs and Operational Considerations

Sheraz Ahmed

Aptian ‘Shale Gas’ Prospectivity in the Downdip Mississippi Interior Salt Basin, Gulf Coast, USA

Paul Hackley

Assessment of Micro-Fracture Density using Combined Interpretation of NMR Relaxometry and Electromagnetic Logs

Lu Chi

Assessment of the Petroleum Generation Potential of the Neal shale in the Black Warrior Basin, Alabama


The Avalon Shale: Tying Geologic Variability to Productivity in a Burgeoning Shale Play in the Delaware Basin of Southeast New Mexico

Peter Nester

Basin Architecture and Marcellus Resource Potential in the Allegheny National Forest, Pennsylvania

M. Soledad Velasco

The Benefits of Reinjecting Instead of Flaring Produced Gas in Unconventional Oil Reservoirs

Todd Hoffman

Better Exploitation of Granitic Reservoirs: Understanding the Role of Stress Regime and Fractures

Dou Lirong

Beyond TMAX Thermal Maturity: Introducing an Original Method for Analyzing Source-Rock Pyrolysis Data to Predict Transformation Ratio and Retention Ratio in Resource-Play Evaluations

Paul E. Devine

Boquillas (Eagle Ford) Formation Pore Evolution Results From Laboratory Heating Experiments

Lucy (Tingwei) Ko

The Calcites of Shale Plays: Why Moving Beyond Quantitative Mineralogy Will Improve Project Economics

Bruce Hart

Calculation of Rock Compressibility by Use of Pressure Buildup in Permeability Experiment

Jun He

Case Study Results From the Integration of MEQ, TFI, and Surface Seismic Attributes.

Charles J. Sicking

A CFD Validation of Historical Production Studies Comparing Plug-and-Perf to Openhole Sleeve Completion Methods in Horizontal Multi-Stage Fractured Wells

Viriyah Theppornprapakorn

Characterization and Measurement of Multi-scale Gas Transport in Shale Core Samples

Khalid R. Alnoaimi

Characterization of cm-Scale Heterogeneities in a Tight Oil Reservoir Using X-ray Computed Tomography, Profile Permeability Measurements and 3-D Image Analysis

Nisael A. Solano

The Characterization of Fracture Mechanisms Using a Combination of Surface Microseismic Imaging, Microdeformation Modelling, and Downhole Microseismic Mapping: an Examination of the Value of Moment Tensor Migration Imaging

Raquel Velasco

Characterization of Free and Bound Fluids in Hydrocarbon Bearing Shales Using NMR and Py GC-MS

Jameson P. Gips

Characterization of Shale Oil Rocks Using Retort and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Boyang Zhang

Characterizing Unconventional Resource Potential in Colombia; a Digital Rock Physics Project

Joel D. Walls

Chemically-Induced Pressure Pulse to Increase Stimulated Reservoir Volume in Unconventional Reservoirs

Ayman Al-Nakhli

Clay Typing, Mineralogy, Kerogen Content and Kerogen Characterization from DRIFTS Analysis of Cuttings or Core

Michael Herron

The Codell Sandstone Resource Play of the Northern Denver Basin


Combining Sonic Velocity and Characterization of Pore Architecture to Develop a Proxy for Reservoir Permeability in Unconventional Carbonates: An Example from the Mid-Continent Mississippian Limestone

Beth Vanden Berg

Comparison of Marcellus Fracturing Using Azimuthal Seismic Attributes Versus Published Data From Outcrop Studies

Tanya L. Inks

Completions Evaluation in the Eagle Ford Shale

Carl W. Neuhaus

Compositional Modeling of the Diffusion Effect on EOR Process in Fractured Shale Oil Reservoirs by Gas Flooding

Tao Wan

A Comprehensive Methodology of Evaluation of the Fracability of a Shale Gas Play

Kun Su

Considerations for Optimizing Artificial Lift in Unconventionals

William Lane

Core-Based Structural Fabrics in Mudstones of the WCSB: "PSF" and Cleavage

David Hume

Core Hardness Testing and Data Integration for Unconventionals

Elizabeth Ritz

Correlation of Rebound-Hammer Rock Strength With Core and Sonic-log Derived Mechanical Rock Properties in Cretaceous Niobrara and Frontier Formation Cores, Piceance Basin, Colorado

Graham A. McClave

Coupled Geomechanics and Pore Confinement Effects for Modeling Unconventional Shale Reservoirs

Yi Xiong

Creating, Calibrating and Testing a Hydraulic Fracture Model for Optimized Williston Basin Completions

Jessica Barhaug

Cross Correlation of Wire Line Data and SEM Based Mineralogical and Textural Vertical Well Data: A New Tool for Intelligent Completion Designs and Better Production Predictions.

Mark Mulkern

Demonstrating Social Responsibility in Water Management Decisions

Tekla L. Taylor

Dependence of Micro-Mechanical Properties on Lithofacies: Indentation Experiments on Marcellus Shale

John Mason

Design, Execution, and Evaluation of a Holistic Data Acquisition Program for Utica Shale

Bunyamin Can

Detailed Description of Petro-Cycle Solutions Innovative Process for the Remediation, Recycle and Reuse of “Frac Water and Flow Back Water” For The Oil and Gas Industry Across the U.S. and Canada

Howard E. Schachter

Determination of Wellbore Orientation in the Utica Shale of Southeast Ohio

Brad Bacon

Developing an Outcrop Reservoir Analog for the Williston Basin Bakken Formation with the Sappington Formation of South-Central Montana

Ted Doughty

Developing Reliability in Hydraulic Stimulation Operations

Jason Pitcher

Development and Validation of an Acid Mine Drainage Water Treatment Process for Source Water

Ann Lane

Development of A Semi-Analytical Model for Simulation of Gas Production in Shale Gas Reservoirs

Wei Yu

The Development of a Tool and Methods to be used in Flow Path Detection behind Casing for use in the Fayetteville Shale

Nathan K. Combs

Discrete Fracture Network Simulation of Production Data from Unconventional Wells

Thomas Doe

The Duvernay Formation: Integrating Sedimentology, Sequence Stratigraphy and Geophysics to Identify Sweet Spots in a Liquids-Rich Shale Play, Kaybob Alberta.

Lindsay Dunn

Dynamic Characterization of Unconventional Gas Reservoirs: Field Cases

Jorge A. Arevalo

Early Entry Play Analysis: Geologic Controls on Lower Smackover Brown Dense Deliverability

Kevin Brown

Effect of Acid on Productivity of Fractured Shale Reservoirs

Maysam Pournik

The Effect of CO2 Adsorption on Permeability Anisotropy in the Eagle Ford Shale

Maytham Al Ismail

Effect of Mineralogy on NMR, Sonic, and Resitivity: NMR, Sonic, and Resistivity: A Case Study of the Monterey Formation

Saul Rivera

Effect of Stress, Creep, and Fluid Type on Steady State Permeability Measurements in Tight Liquid Unconventional Reservoirs

Shreerang S. Chhatre

Effects of Variations of Stress-Dependent Hydraulic Properties of Proppant Packs on the Productivity Indices of the Hydraulically Fractured Shale Gas Reservoirs

Ali Takbiri Borujeni

Efficient Completions in Anisotropic Shale Gas Formations

Saied Mighani

An Efficient Optimization Workflow for Field-Scale In-Situ Upgrading Developments

Guohua Gao

Efficient Proxies for Numerical simulation of Unconventional Resources

Vincent Artus

EOS Modeling and Reservoir Simulation Study of Bakken Gas Injection Improved Oil Recovery in the Elm Coulee Field, Montana

Wanli Pu

Estimating Reservoir Pressure from Early Flowback Data

R. S. Jones

Evaluating Gas Production Performances in Marcellus Using Data Mining Technologies

Qiumei Zhou

An Evaluation of the EOR Potential in Shale Oil Recovery by Cyclic Natural Gas Injection

Talal Gamadi

Evaluation Tool for Wastewater Treatment Technologies for Shale Gas Operations in Ohio

Ann Lane

Evolution of the Molecular and Stable Isotope Composition of Headspace Gas Desorbing from Drill Cuttings Collected in Sealed Jars

Nicholas A. Rosenau

Examination of the Depositional Setting and Geochemistry of Upper Tyler Formation (Pennsylvanian) Source Rocks Within Southwestern North Dakota

Timothy Nesheim

Examining Innovative Techniques for Matrix Acidizing in Tight Carbonate Formations to Minimize Damage to Equipment and Environment

Fredrick Markey

Experimental Assessment of Elastic Properties and Minimum Horizontal Stress in the Haynesville Shale-Gas Formation

Clotilde Chen Valdés

Experimental Investigation of Surfactant Flooding in Shale Oil Reservoirs: Dynamic Interfacial Tension, Adsorption, and Wettability

Vahideh Mirchi

An Exploration Workflow to Improve Success Rate in Prospecting in Unconventional Emerging Plays

Richard Salter

Extending the Application of Foam Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids

James J. McAndrew

Fault and Fracture Characterization from an Integrated Subsurface and Seismic Dataset: Impact on Well Performance of the Wolfcamp Shale, Midland Basin, West Texas


Flow Modeling in Multi-Stage Hydraulic Fracturing Patterns to Optimize Shale Reservoir Production

Abdulraof Almulhim, Azra N. Tutuncu, Hossein Kazemi

Flow Rate Behavior and Imbibition Comparison Between Bakken and Niobrara Formations

Dongmei Wang

A Formation Evaluation of the Middle Bakken Member Using a Multimineral Petrophysical Analysis Approach

Robert Klenner

Fracture Detection Through MultiFocusing Diffraction Imaging, Case Studies

Marianne Rauch-Davies

Fractured Reservoir Characterization: Integrating Production and Seismic Data to Optimize Well Placement in Bluebell Field, Uinta Basin, NE Utah

Steven L. Adams

Gas Storage Capacity of Iljik and Hasandong Shales in Gyongsang Basin, South Korea

Seungmo Kang

Generative Models for Production Forecasting in Unconventional Oil and Gas Plays

Heidi A. Kuzma

Geochemical Evaluation of the Tyler Formation, North Dakota Using Rare Earth Elements (REE) and Kinetics

Ivana M. Stevanovic

Geological Conditions of Tight Gas in Chaco Basin

Lei Zhang

Geologic and Reservoir Assessment for Brine Disposal in the Northern Appalachian Basin

Joel Sminchak

Geologic Controls on Production of Shale Play Resources: Case of Eagle Ford, Bakken and Niobrara


Geomechanical and Flow Simulation of Hydrofracs Using High-Resolution Passive Seismic Images

Alfred Lacazette

Geomodeling in a Development Play–An Example from the Bakken Shale

Brad Melton

Geomodeling Unconventional Plays: Improved Selection of Uncertainty Cases

Matthew L. Belobraydic

The Greeley 3-D Seismic Survey: One of the Nation’s Largest Urban Survey Leads to Niobrara and Codell Horizontal Activity

Jack M. Wiener

High-Resolution Three-Dimensional Characterization of Pore Networks in Shale Reservoir Rocks

Soheil Saraji

A Hole in Your Pocket; Mitigating Corrosion Perforations of Well Casings in Corrosive Formations with Advanced Technology Epoxies

James McDonald

Horizontal Lateral Image Analysis Applied to Fracture Stage Optimization in Eastern Barnett Shale, Tarrant and Dallas Counties, Texas

Thomas N. Olsen

Horizontal Shale Gas Well Frac’ing Unplugged!

Jurgen Lehmann

A Hydraulic Fracture Network Propagation Model in Shale Gas Reservoirs: Parametric Studies to Enhance the Effectiveness of Stimulation

Chong Hyun Ahn

Hydraulic Fracture Stimulation Optimization in Multi-Stage Horizontal Glauconitic Oil Completions, Central Alberta

Murray Reynolds

Hydrocarbon Plays and Unconventional Hydrocarbon Distribution in Lacustrine Basins in China

Hongjun Wang

Identifying Frac Growth in Multiple Horizons using Integrated Microseismic and Induced Seismic Monitoring Approaches

Ted Urbancic

Imaging-Based Characterization of Calcite-Filled Fractures and Porosity in Shales

Bolivia Vega

Impact of Hydrothermal Fluid Flow on Mississippian Reservoir Properties, Southern Midcontinent

Robert H. Goldstein

Impact of Light Component Stripping During CO2 Injection in Bakken Formation

Vanessa A. Fai-Yengo

Impact of Petroleum-Expulsion Fractures on Productivity of the Bakken Shales: A Geological Interpretation of Pressure Transient Behaviors

Mohammed Al Duhailan

Impacts That Non-Technical Risk Assessments and Mitigation Plans Can Have in Mitigating Risks and Avoiding Delays to Unconventional Oil and Gas Projects

Jack Belcher

Importance of Structural and Tectonic Inheritance for Unconventional Basin Play Prospectivity: An Example From the Powder River Basin

Michael Tischer

Improved Constant Rate of Strain Consolidation Test on Stiff Shale

Daisuke Katsuki

An Improved Petrophysical Volume Model for Proximate Analysis in Coalbed Methane Reservoir

Pei-Qiang Zhao

An Innovative and Cost-Effective Artificial Lift Solution to Revive the Dying Wells in Tight and Marginal Gas Reservoirs - Capillary Soap Injection

Sheraz Ahmed

An Innovative Workflow to Refine Exploration Phase Assessment of Unconventional Prospects; Using Xrf Analysis and 3-D Geo-Modeling Techniques

Francois Marechal

Inorganic Geochemistry of the Trenton Limestone-Utica Shale Contact Based on XRF Data

Steve Saboda

An Integrated Approach to Development Optimization in Seven Generations’ Kakwa Liquids Rich Montney Play

Ron Schmitz

Integrated Interpretation of Seismically Derived Rock and Fracture Attributes for Shale Gas Reservoir Characterization

Gang Yu

Integrated Petrophysical Properties and Multi-Scaled SEM Microstructural Characterization

Eric T. Goergen

Integrated Subsurface and Outcrop Sedimentological, Mineralogical, and Geochemical Characterization of Late Cretaceous Mancos Shale, SouthwesternPiceance Basin, Southern Douglas Creek Arch, and Southeastern Uinta Basin, Colorado and Utah

Rex Cole

Integrating Fracture Diagnostics for Improved Microseismic Interpretation and Stimulation Modeling

Norman Warpinski

Integrating Outcrop and Subsurface Data to Evaluate Data-Poor Shale Plays: The Devonian Canol Formation, Northwest Territories, Canada

Rene Jonk

Integrating Solvent Extraction With Standard Pyrolysis to Better Quantify Thermal Maturity and Hydrocarbon Content in the Oil Window

Dylan R. Collins

Integrating Surface Seismic, Microseismic, Rock Properties and Mineralogy in the Haynesville Shale.

Neil Peake

Integration of Core Data with Well Logs for Geomechanical Property Determination and Monitoring in the Argentinean Vaca Muerta Shale Formation

Maxwell Willis

Integration of Distributed Temperature and Distributed Acoustic Survey Results with Hydraulic Fracture Modeling: A Case Study in the Woodford Shale

Jennifer Miskimins

Intelligent Rate Transient Analysis for Forecasting Behavior of Shale Gas Wells

Wei Pang

Interlinking Engineering and Social Performance into Sustainability Using the Triple Bottom Line Principal.

Jennifer Bell

An Interpretation of the Depositional Environment and Facies of the Eagle Ford Shale from Karnes-Maverick County, Texas

Heather A. McGarity

Isolated-Cell Pressure Decay Testing for Fast Characterization of Ultra-Low Rock Permeability and Gas Slippage Effects

Maxim Chertov

Leveraging the Power of Public Data to Solve Multiple Challenges in Unconventional Reservoirs

Siddhartha Gupta

Lifecycle Optimization of Unconventional Plays – A Bakken Case Study

Murray Roth

The Long-Term Economic Value of Curable Resin-Coated Proppant Tail-in to Prevent Flowback and Reduce Workover Cost

Keith Greff

Mapping of Organic Matter Distribution in Shales on the Centimeter Scale with Nanometer Resolution.

Mark Curtis

Matrix-Fracture Connectivity in Eagle Ford Shale

Christopher J. Landry

MaxG and MaxBHT Basin Temperature Modelling Using Bottom Hole Temperature Datasets

Ian Deighton

Mechanics Analysis of Interaction Between Hydraulic and Natural Fractures in Shale Reservoirs

Kan Wu

The Mechanistic Modeling of Fluid Flow in Shale

Rouzbeh Ghanbarnezhad Moghanloo

Micro-CT Analysis of Pores and Organics in Unconventionals Using Novel Contrast Strategies

Andrew Fogden

Microseismicity and Geomechanics: Modeling and Comparisons

Scott Johnson

Migration of Natural Gas Through Heterogeneous Sandy Soils Affected by Atmospheric Boundary Conditions

Ariel Esposito

Modeling Gas Transport in Shale Reservoir – Conservation Laws Revisited

Wenyue Xu

More Efficient and Cost Effective Ways of Evaluating and High Grading Unconventional Plays

Janell Edman

Multi-disciplinary Integration for Lateral length, Staging and Well Spacing Optimization in Unconventional Reservoirs

Atif M. Malayalam

A Multi-Scale Framework for Digital Core Analysis of Gas Shale at Millimeter Scales

Jingsheng Ma

Multi-Well Facility Optimization

Tyler Farley

Multifocusing 3-D Diffraction Imaging for Dectection of Fractured Zones in Mudstone Reservoirs

Alana Schoepp

Multiscale (nano to mm) Porosity in the Eagle Ford Shale: Changes as a Function of Maturity

Lawrence M. Anovitz

Nano- to Microscale Pore Characterization of the Utica Shale

Alexander M. Swift

Nanotomography of Spontaneous Imbibition in Shale

Morteza Akbarabadi

Natural-Hydraulic Fracture Interaction: Microseismic Observations and Geomechanical Predictions

Jian Huang

A New Analytical Model for Liquid Loading in Shale Gas Reservoirs

Juntai Shi

A New Approach to Measure Organic Density

Son T. Dang

A New Method for Leak Detection in Gas Pipelines

Kegang Ling

Niobrara Analogue Study

Samuel K. Huisman

Niobrara Maturity Goes Up, Resistivity Goes Down; What's Going On?

Stephen Cumella

North American Ordovician Unconventional Oil Potential

Thomas D. Bowman

Not Accounting for a Potential Water Hammer Pressure Surge in Shale Stimulation Designs Can Increase Your Over-Pressure Risk

Stan Stephenson

Offshore Unconventional Oil from the Kimmeridge Clay Formation of the North Sea: A Technical and Economic Case

Chris Cornford

On-site XRF Analysis of Drill Cuttings in the Williston Basin

Nicholas Lentz

Optimization of Well Spacing for Bakken Tight Oil Reservoirs

Wei Yu

Optimized Production in the Bakken Shale: South Antelope Case Study

David R. West

Optimizing CBM PSC Exploration Wells for POD and Reserves Booking Using GIS Spatial Method, Case Study : South Sumatera Field, Indonesia

Febi S. Drajat

Optimizing Lateral Completions When Limited or No Log Data Is Available.

Bill Scanlan

Optimum Depth of South Bakken Shale Oil in the Great Basin

Alan Chamberlain

Optimum Fracture Spacing in the Eagle Ford Gas Condensate Window

Alireza Sanaei

Organic and Inorganic Pore Structure Analysis in Shale Matrix With Superposition Method

Chenchen Wang

Passive Seismic Monitoring and Integrated Geomechanical Analysis of a Tight-Sand Reservoir During Hydraulic-Fracture Treatment, Flowback and Production

David Eaton

Petroleum Geochemistry of Upper Jurassic Bazhenov Shale Source Rocks and Corresponding Crude Oils, West Siberian Basin, Russia

John E. Zumberge

Petroleum System Charge Analysis for Liquid-Rich Unconventional Plays

Michael A. Abrams

Petrophysical and Geochemical Evaluation of an Avalon Shale Horizontal Well in the Delaware Basin

Kenneth Schwartz

Pore Accessibility and Connectivity of Mineral and Kerogen Phases for Shales

Qinhong Hu

A Pore Scale Analysis of Restricted Diffusion in Shale Gas Media

Ayaz Mehmani

Pore Systems of the B-chalk Zone in the Niobrara Formation, Denver-Julesburg Basin, Colorado

Julian Michaels

Porosity and Pore Size Distribution in Mudrocks: A Comparative Study for Haynesville, Niobrara, Monterey, and Eastern European Silurian Formations

Milad Saidian

Porosity Evaluation of Shales Using NMR Secular Relaxation

Hugh Daigle

Potential for Basin-Centered Gas in Saudi Arabia: Southwest Ghawar Basin — A Case Study

Mohammed Al Duhailan

A Practical Method to Predict Deliverability and Water-Cut in the Granite Wash Formation, Anadarko Basin, USA, Using Pseudo-Capillary Pressure Curves From NMR Data

Chrystianto Mardi

Predicting Microseismicity from the Geomechanical Modeling of Multiple Hydraulic Fractures Interacting with Natural Fractures - Application to the Marcellus and Eagle Ford

Yamina E. Aimene

Probabilistic Facies Assignments in the La Luna Formation, Middle Magdalena Basin, Colombia, from Standard Well Logs Using Whole Core CT Scan Data as Initialization Input

Eric Eslinger

Probabilistic Resource Costs of Continuous Oil Resources in the Bakken and Three Forks Formations, North Dakota and Montana

John H. Schuenemeyer

Production Acceleration Through Managed Annular Flow Operations

Jose E. Chirinos

Production Analysis and Forecasting of Vaca Muerta Shale in Argentina: Case History-Based Approach

Leonardo Maschio

Protocol for Finalizing Locations for FIB/SEM Cubes on Shale Samples: General Guidelines with Up Scaling in Mind.

Kultaransingh N. Hooghan

Quantification of Total Organic Carbon Content in Shale Source Rocks: An Eagle Ford Case Study

Adel A. Alqahtani

A Quantitative Study of Hydrocarbon Generation & Expulsion of Lower Silurian Longmaxi Shale in the Southern Sichuan Basin

Xiaoming Chen

Rate Step-Down Analysis Improves Placement Efficiency of Stimulation Treatments in Unconventional Resource Play

Nimish D. Pandya

Rational Development of Green Carriers for Viscosity Modifiers in Fracturing Fluids

Steven Risser

Real-time Estimation of Hydraulic Fracture Characteristics from Production Data

Mohammadali Tarrahi

Reconstruction of Shale Based on Dual-Region Strategy and Very Fast Simulated Annealing Algorithm

Mengfei Zou

Regional Modelling of the Late Devonian Duvernay Formation, Western Alberta, Canada

Patrick A. Fothergill

Regional Sequence Stratigraphy of the Upper Cretaceous La Luna Formation in the Magdalena Valley Basin, Colombia.

Henry A. Galvis-Portilla

Relevance of Static Geomodels in Shale Plays _ South Texas Eagle Ford Shale

Alicia L. McGeer

Reserves Estimation in Unconventional Reservoirs Using a New Production-Decline Model

Tariq ali

Reservoir Characterization of the Bakken Petroleum System - A Regional Data Analysis Method (Phase I of II)

Kaushik Gangiredla

Resource Potential of the Alum Shale in Denmark

Donald Gautier

A Review of Enhanced Oil Recovery Methods Applied in Williston Basin

Kegang Ling

Rock-Fluid Interaction Impact on Geomechanical and Acoustic Properties in Shale Reservoirs: Anisotropic Grain Contact Adhesion Model

Binh T. Bui

Rock physics diagnostics and modeling for shale gas formation characterization in China

Gang Yu

Second Generation Testing of Cased Uncemented Multi-Fractured Horizontal Well Technology in the Horn River

Stefan Merkle

Sedimentary Pozzolanic Tuffite: An Important Kind of Rock Storing Oil and Gas Resources in Middle Permian Lucaogou Formation in North Xinjiang, China

Jie Zhang

Sensitivity Study and History Matching and Economic Optimization for Marcellus Shale

Wei Yu

Sequence Stratigraphy, Geomechanics, Microseismicity, and Geochemistry Relationships in Unconventional Resource Shales

Roger M. Slatt

Shale-Gas Reservoir Potential of the Lower Cretaceous Skull Creek Shale in Niobrara County, Wyoming

Robert G. Loucks

Shale Development: Using Imagery and Digital Elevation Models to Improve Operational Efficiency

Julie A. Parker

Shale PVT Estimation Based on Readily Available Field Data

Tao Yang

Shale Resource Assessment & Development — A Full Life Cycle Integrated Approach

Pankaj K. Pande

Simulation of Hydraulic Fracture Networks in Three Dimensions Utilizing Massively Parallel Computing Resources

Randolph R. Settgast

Simulation of Multiple-Stage Fracturing in Quasibrittle Shale Formations Using Pore Pressure Cohesive Zone Model

Mahdi Haddad

Source Mechanism Characterization of Microseismic Data at Pouce Coupe Field, Alberta, Canada

Matthew J. Lee

Statistical Characterization and Geological Correlation of Wells Using Automatic Learning Gaussian Mixture Models


A Stochastic Approach to Shale Well Completion Design

Mark A. Miller

Technical Aspects Controlling the Emerging Eagle Ford Play East of the San Marcos Arch

Richard McLean

Thickness of South Bakken shale oil of the Great Basin

Alan Chamberlain

Three-Phase Flow Simulation in Ultra-Low Permeability Organic Shale via a Multiple Permeability Approach

Masoud Alfi

Total Play Fairway Analyses and Recommendations of Hydrocarbon Volume in Unconventional Cretaceous Plays in the Eastern Cordillera, Colombia: A New Frontier

Jay E. Leonard

Toward Successful Petroleum Production from Unconventional and Conventional Reservoirs in the Central Alaska North Slope

Allegra Hosford Scheirer

Toward Understanding Over-Pressure in a Basin with Burial and Uplift: Preliminary Results of a Study Measuring Under-Compaction with DT Logs

Paul E. Devine

Toxic Metals in Shales: Questions and Methods for a Better Management of Flow-Back Waters.

Eric C. Gaucher

Tubing Anchors can Reduce Production Rates and Pump Fillage

James N. McCoy

Uncertainty in Quantification and Ranking of Stock Tank Oil Initially in Place (STOIIP) in OA Field, Niger Delta

Olugbenga A. Ehinola

Uncharted Waters: What Can We Learn From Waters Produced From Horizontal Wells in the Permian Basin?

Matthew M. Laughland

Unconventional Prospectivity Evaluation of Kidson Sub-basin, Canning Superbasin, Western Australia – Sleeping Giant? Olusola Omotoye, Jonathan Redfern

Olusola Omotoye

Understanding and Updating the Eagle Ford East-Eaglebine

Thomas D. Bowman

Understanding Geological Heterogeneity to Customize Field Development: An Example from the Vaca Muerta Unconventional Play, Argentina

Guillermina Sagasti

Understanding Rock Quality Heterogeneity Using Combined Multicomponent Seismic Inversion and Well Log Cluster Analysis. Montney Shale Reservoir, Pouce Coupe Field, Alberta, Canada

Claudia J. Duenas

Understanding the Trade-offs in Drilling the Perfect Horizontal Well

Keith C. Oren

Understanding Tortuosity and Permeability variations in Naturally Fractured Reservoirs: Niobrara Formation

Adenike Tokan-Lawal

A Unified Leak-off and Flow-back Model for Fractured Reservoirs

Dylan Copeland

The Upper Bakken Shale Resource Play, Williston Basin


Upper Cretaceous Niobrara Chalk in Buck Peak Field, Sand Wash Basin, NW Colorado: Depositional Setting, Lithofacies, and Nanopore Network

Robert G. Loucks

Uses and Limitations of Elemental Analysis for the Eagle Ford Mudstone in the Maverick Basin, TX

Jonathan Madren

Using Microseismicity to Understand Subsurface Fracture Systems and to Optimize Completions: Eagle Ford Shale, TX

John Detring

Using Stable Isotopes and Water Quality to Investigate Sources of Stray Gas in the Wattenberg Field of Colorado

Josiah Strauss

Using Technology to Avoid Trespass Liability Based on Subsurface Intrusions of Hydraulic Fractures

Arash Dahi Taleghani

Utilizing Ant-tracking to Identify Slowly Slipping Faults in the Barnett Shale

Noha Farghal

Utilizing Hydrocarbon Yield Determinations to Evaluate Source/Reservoir Relationships in the Bakken/Three Forks of the Williston Basin, ND

Mark Millard

Vaca Muerta Formation: An Example of Shale Heterogeneities Controlling Hydrocarbon Accumulations

Luis P. Stinco

Vaca Muerta Sequence Stratigraphy and Volcanic Intrusions: Impact on Unconventional Project Development

Manuel Fantin

Variations in Shale Pore Types and Their Measurement

Roger Slatt

Vertical Integration Across Key Service Lines has Enabled Southwestern Energy to Accelerate Resource Development and Shareholder Value

Keith Clay

Viscosity-Stabilized, High-Temperature, Low-Loading Fracturing Fluids in Hard Water

Leiming Li

Well-Log-Based Assessment of Elastic Properties in Organic-Shale Formations

Alvaro Aranibar

Well Pad Automation Improves Capital Efficiency and Reduces Fiscal Risk

Michael Machuca

Where Did the Proppant Go?

Jonathan P. McKenna

A Workflow for Flowback Data Analysis – Creating Value out of Chaos

Obinna Ezulike

Zonal Isolation Assurance: Relating Cement Mechanical Properties to Mechanical Durability

Jessica McDaniel