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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 11 (1927)

Issue: 12. (December)

First Page: 1307

Last Page: 1320

Title: The Distribution and Correlation of the Mississippian of Oklahoma

Author(s): George S. Buchanan (2)


The nomenclature of beds of Mississippian age in Oklahoma is confusing. By using two type sections, one in northeastern Oklahoma and the other in the area of the Arbuckle Mountains, and comparing these sections with the type eastern section, their stratigraphical relationship is much simplified.

The Kinderhookian, Osagian, Meramecian, and Chesterian groups are all well represented in Oklahoma. The Chattanooga shale and Woodford chert are stratigraphic correlatives and these beds mark the base of the Kinderhookian. The Osagian group is represented by the Boone limestone and chert of northeastern Oklahoma. Boone deposition was limited to a much smaller area than is generally realized. A big depositional and erosional break occurs between beds of Osagian and Meramecian age. Beds of Meramecian age were the most widely deposited beds of Mississippian age in Oklahoma. The following Chesterian deposition was largely restricted to northeastern Oklahoma.

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