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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 26 (1942)

Issue: 5. (May)

First Page: 901

Last Page: 902

Title: Summary of Development in South Arkansas and North Louisiana during 1941: ABSTRACT

Author(s): B. W. Blanpied, Roy T. Hazzard

Article Type: Meeting abstract


During the year 1941, 26,183,478 barrels of oil and distillate were produced in Arkansas and 26,770,512 barrels in North Louisiana. During December, 1941, there were 2,936 oil- and distillate-producing wells in South Arkansas and 4,153 wells in North Louisiana.

A total of 207 wells were drilled in South Arkansas during 1941 with total footage

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of 853,032 feet. In North Louisiana 798 wells were drilled with total footage of 2,355,514 feet. Of the total of 1,005 wells drilled in South Arkansas and North Louisiana, 564 were oil wells; 123 were gas and gas-distillate wells, 187 were dry holes in fields and 131 were wildcat dry holes.

In South Arkansas, during 1941 "Travis Peak" production was discovered in the Smart sand area of the Stephens field of Columbia County. Cotton Valley production was discovered in the East Schuler field in Union County, and Smackover lime gas-distillate production in the Macedonia field, in Columbia County. Smackover lime oil production was discovered in the Mt. Holly field, Union County and in the Patton field, Lafayette County.

In North Louisiana during 1941 six Eocene Wilcox sand oil fields were discovered in La Salle Parish and two in Catahoula Parish, with one gas-producing area in Caldwell Parish.

Lower Cretaceous Pettit limestone oil production was discovered in the Haynesville field, Claiborne Parish, during 1941. Other Claiborne Parish discoveries are the Athens and North Lisbon fields where gas-distillate production was found in the "Travis Peak." Smackover lime gas-distillate production also was developed in the North Lisbon field, the only Smackover production to date in North Louisiana.

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