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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 26 (1942)

Issue: 5. (May)

First Page: 904

Last Page: 905

Title: Problem of Pre-Trinity Deposits in South Texas: ABSTRACT

Author(s): F. M. Getzendaner

Article Type: Meeting abstract


Probability of Permian deposits in the East Texas basin is suggested. Attention is directed to the new section of Jurassic, Neocomian, and Trinity deposits in the region of East Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas, arranged by the Shreveport Geological Society and Ralph W. Imlay, with new names for some of the formations; and the presence of Jurassic deposits in Limestone County, Texas, on the west side of the basin.

Evidence is presented of the progressive increase in basinward slopes on the basement and dips on the sedimentary beds, westward across Arkansas and East Texas, thence southwestward to the locality of San Antonio, thence continuing westward again to the Rio Grande. For this 700 miles of generally uniform trend it is postulated that the

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slopes and dips are functions of sediment load. In general, the greater slopes and dips are toward localities of greater loads of sediments within the basin. The conclusion is that, at comparable locations with reference to the shore, the pre-Trinity deposits in South Texas are thicker than in East Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas.

Some criteria are suggested for locating the Jurassic shore line. Importance for possible oil and gas production along the continental shore, and the shores of peninsulas and islands, is stressed. Probability of the presence of undiscovered salt domes in South Texas is pointed out.

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