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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 26 (1942)

Issue: 5. (May)

First Page: 908

Last Page: 908

Title: Upper Des Moines and Lower Missouri Rocks of Northeastern Oklahoma and Southeastern Kansas: ABSTRACT

Author(s): Malcolm C. Oakes, J. M. Jewett

Article Type: Meeting abstract


Four major subdivisions of the Pennsylvania, separated by unconformities, are generally recognized in Oklahoma. From the base upward they are: Morrow, Des Moines, Missouri, and Virgil. The Morrow is not present in Kansas. Rocks herein discussed lie in the upper part of the Des Moines and lower part of the Missouri, and thus, roughly, in the middle part of the Pennsylvanian.

The unconformity between the Des Moines and the Missouri is indicated by absence of some Des Moines beds in northeastern Oklahoma and southeastern Kansas and by erosion and channeling of others. It is further indicated by a northward progressive overlap in the overlying basal Missouri beds, well shown in the Seminole formation of Oklahoma, whose lower part does not extend into Kansas but whose uppermost part is continuous with the Hepler sandstone of Kansas. The Checkerboard limestone of Oklahoma has been mapped into Kansas, and is the same as the limestone overlying the Hepler sandstone. Rocks in Kansas lying between the Checkerboard limestone, below, and the Dennis formation, above, exhibit marked facies changes as they extend southward into Oklahoma. Limestones disappear and shales are less dark and more sandy. The limestones have been mapped with care to their southernmost extent.

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