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Volume: 26 (1942)

Issue: 5. (May)

First Page: 909

Last Page: 910

Title: Viola Production in Eastern Stafford and Northwestern Reno Counties, Kansas: ABSTRACT

Author(s): W. C. Imbt, P. A. Harper

Article Type: Meeting abstract


The area covered in this paper has three pools producing from the Viola formation. Listed in the order of discovery, they are: Zenith, Stafford, and Peace Creek. In the Zenith pool, the Maquoketa or Misener overlies the Viola. In the Stafford pool, Kinderhook shale lies on the Viola. In the Peace Creek pool, a thin remnant of Misener sand is found here and there on the Viola, which is overlain by Kinderhook shale. In the

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Zenith pool, production is obtained from Misener sand, Maquoketa dolomite, and cherty dolomite of the Viola. In the Peace Creek pool, oil is produced from the cherty Viola dolomites. Production in the Stafford pool is from the Viola, and one well is producing from the Arbuckle.

Where present, the top of the Fernvale in this area is considered the top of the Viola. Fernvale limestone is present over most of the producing areas under consideration. Two pronounced unconformities are present: one between the Pennsylvanian and Mississippian, and the other between the Mississippian and Ordovician. Post-Fernvale--pre-Kinderhook erosion is shown by the absence of Maquoketa and Fernvale over considerable areas adjacent to the pools.

In the Peace Creek and Zenith pools, accumulation is thought to be controlled by stratigraphic trap conditions, while in the Stafford pool accumulation is controlled by structure on the Viola.

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