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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 33 (1949)

Issue: 2. (February)

First Page: 223

Last Page: 247

Title: Tertiary Formations of Panama Canal Zone and Adjoining Parts of Panama

Author(s): W. P. Woodring (2), T. F. Thompson (3)


The Tertiary formations of the Canal Zone and adjoining parts of Panama range in age from late Eocene to late Miocene, or possibly early Pliocene. New formation and member names--Gatuncillo formation, Quebrancha limestone member of Caimito formation, La Boca formation, and Pedro Miguel agglomerate--proposed in official Panama Canal reports are defined.

Fossils from Vamos Vamos, a submerged locality in the Gatun Lake area, are considered early Oligocene in age. The fossiliferous strata at that locality are inferred to represent a marine tongue in the essentially non-marine Bohio formation.

The late Eocene Gatuncillo formation is strongly transgressive; the middle and late(?) Miocene Gatun formation is also transgressive; the late Oligocene(?) and early Miocene Culebra formation and the late Miocene or early Pliocene(?) Chagres sandstone represent minor overlaps.

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