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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 52 (1968)

Issue: 3. (March)

First Page: 560

Last Page: 560

Title: TV Filter Decon Before and After Stack and Previous HitEffectNext Hit of Noise on Decon: ABSTRACT

Author(s): John F. Bradshaw

Article Type: Meeting abstract


With the advent of digital processing, many new tools have been made available to the geophysicist. One of the most publicized of these is the deconvolution process, which is available in many proprietory forms, but which is designed essentially to remove repetitive events from the input signal and produce a "whitened" spectrum. The ability of the process to carry out its desired function may be hampered seriously by the presence of additive noise. It may also be affected by the sequence in which the deconvolution is carried out (i.e., before or after stacking).

The writer examines the Previous HiteffectNext Hit of additive noise on the deconvolution process, the Previous HiteffectNext Hit of the order in which the process is carried out, and the visual signal enhancement by Previous HitfilteringTop after the deconvolution.

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