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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 55 (1971)

Issue: 3. (March)

First Page: 495

Last Page: 513

Title: Computer Simulation Models of Previous HitSaltNext Hit Domes

Author(s): James C. Howard (2)


The computer is used to calculate models that simulate the development of Previous HitsaltNext Hit Previous HitdomeNext Hit forms. The overall forms of Previous HitsaltNext Hit domes resemble those of small-scale models which use liquids for modeling material. The shapes of the small-scale domes are explained in terms of stresses acting at their outer surfaces. Random movements of Previous HitsaltNext Hit masses within a Previous HitsaltNext Hit Previous HitdomeNext Hit create Previous HitsaltNext Hit spines, ledges, and overhangs. These special features are described by random displacements of a simulated Previous HitsaltNext Hit Previous HitdomeNext Hit surface.

Previous HitSaltNext Hit Previous HitdomeNext Hit forms are simulated by viscous flow and random walk models. Viscous flow models predict overall forms generated during the early stages of Previous HitsaltNext Hit Previous HitdomeNext Hit growth. Spines are produced on simulated, nonpiercement Previous HitdomeNext Hit forms by coupling random walk and viscous flow models. The development of Previous HitsaltNext Hit spines, ledges, and overhangs on piercement Previous HitsaltNext Hit domes is simulated by a random walk model. This model predicts changes in Previous HitdomeNext Hit forms for various rates of (a) subsidence of a Previous HitsaltNext Hit basin, (b) sedimentation, and (c) compaction of overburden, and for differential movements of segments of simulated domes.

The random walk model is used to simulate the form of the Belle Isle Previous HitsaltNext Hit Previous HitdomeTop in Louisiana, thereby testing the simulation method. An additional goodness-of-fit test is made by comparing the gravity profiles for the Belle Isle and experimental domes.

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