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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 57 (1973)

Issue: 9. (September)

First Page: 1831

Last Page: 1831

Title: Potential for Previous HitSolarNext Hit Previous HitEnergyNext Hit Applications: ABSTRACT

Author(s): Peter E. Glaser

Article Type: Meeting abstract


Future Previous HitenergyNext Hit needs can determine the potential of Previous HitsolarNext Hit Previous HitenergyNext Hit applications. There are large-scale applications for Previous HitenergyNext Hit production from wind, ocean thermal temperature differences, Previous HitsolarNext Hit thermal power plants, and photovoltaic Previous HitenergyNext Hit conversion. Near-term approaches, including house heating and cooling, have great potential for conserving Previous HitenergyNext Hit. Previous HitSolarNext Hit heating and cooling costs will vary in different regions of the United States. Specific programs have been designed to introduce Previous HitsolarNext Hit house heating and cooling on a substantial scale. New architectural approaches to incorporating Previous HitsolarTop heating and cooling systems have been determined.

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