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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 63 (1979)

Issue: 8. (August)

First Page: 1357

Last Page: 1370

Title: Developments in Louisiana Gulf Coast Onshore in 1978

Author(s): David Woltz (2)


The South Louisiana district is composed of 38 parishes.

During 1978, 1,150 wells were drilled in the district. Of these wells, 233 were classified as wildcats with a success ratio of 1:9.59; 199 were classified as exploratory wells with a success ratio of 1:1.69; and 718 were classified as development wells with a success ratio of 1.4:1. In percentages, 9.4% of all wildcats were completed as producers, 37% of all exploratory wells were completed as producers, and 59.6% of all development wells were completed as producers. In 1978, 22 new discoveries were reported, an increase of 4 wells over the 18 new discoveries reported for 1977, and 13 more than the number reported for 1976, and an increase of 3 over the 19 reported for 1975.

Onshore geophysical activity totaled 1,259 crew-weeks and, compared with the 1,128 crew-weeks reported for 1977, represents an increase of 131 crew-weeks.

A total of 1,186,002 acres was leased in the South Louisiana district onshore during 1978. This represents a decrease of 413,653 acres from the 1,599,655 acres leased during 1977 and a decrease of 568,658 acres from the 1,754,660 acres leased during 1976.

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