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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 63 (1979)

Issue: 9. (September)

First Page: 1601

Last Page: 1602

Title: Upper Cretaceous-Lower Eocene Strata, Hainesville, Keechi, and Oakwood Previous HitSaltNext Hit Domes, East Texas: ABSTRACT

Author(s): Edgar H. Guevara, Alice B. Giles

Article Type: Meeting abstract


Previous HitSaltNext Hit domes in east Texas are possible sites for nuclear waste repositories. Tectonic stability is a critical factor in evaluating suitability as a repository. Subsurface studies were undertaken to determine stratigraphy and

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structure of strata around the domes, and to ascertain the growth history of the domes as a means to evaluate tectonic stability. Upper Cretaceous to lower Eocene strata bound the upper part of the domes. Three main types of domes have been interpreted from well-log data: (1) at Hainesville Previous HitdomeNext Hit, Upper Cretaceous strata exhibit notable thickening in a rim syncline, and stratigraphic markers dip toward the Previous HitdomeNext Hit except near the contact with domal material; (2) at Keechi Previous HitdomeNext Hit, strata are uplifted and dip away from the Previous HitdomeNext Hit; strata thin toward the Previous HitdomeNext Hit; (3) at Oakwood Previous HitdomeNext Hit, strata are approximately horizontal until near the Previous HitdomeNext Hit edge, where they are upturned; minor thickening of strata occurs toward the Previous HitdomeTop. Differences in stratigraphy and structure of Cretaceous-Eocene strata in the vic nity of these domes are attributed to differences in growth history.

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