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Bulletin of Canadian Petroleum Geology
Vol. 29 (1981), No. 2. (June), Pages 267-276

Simulation and Mapping of Space-Dependent Data in Geology

Michel Dagbert


This paper shows how it can be possible to generate the values of two-dimensional variables (top of stratigraphic horizon, thickness or grade of a vein, trace-element content of stream-sediment samples, etc.) on a very fine grid around existing control points. The simulated values show the same probability distribution and spatial Previous HitautocorrelationNext Hit as existing data. Also, the similarity between the control data and the neighbour simulated values is in accordance with the spatial Previous HitautocorrelationTop. It is shown that the advantage of the maps of simulated values over maps of interpolated values is the ability to restore the natural variability of the data and thus lead to more-accurate estimates of the proportion of data above a given threshold in any region.

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