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Geo-triad '98: Abstracts : Plenary, Oral, Posters, Core Workshop, 1998
Pages 127-127

ABSTRACT: Multidisciplinary approach to Cretaceous problems - the sum is greater than the parts

Claudia J. Schroder-Adams1, Previous HitPeterTop J. Adams2, Dale A. Leckie3, John Bloch4, Jim Craig5, Safaa A. Seif El-Dein6, Jim Haggart7, David McIntyre8


Acknowledgments and Associated Footnotes

1 Dept. of Earth Sciences, Carleton University

2 Dept. of Earth Sciences, Carleton University

3 Geological Survey of Canada, Calgary

4 Scealu Modus

5 Consultant

6 Contrex Enterprise Ltd.

7 Geological Survey of Canada, Vancouver

8 Consultant

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