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Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies Transactions
Vol. 2 (1952), Pages 7-7

ABSTRACT: Geology of the Danbury Previous HitSaltNext Hit Previous HitDomeNext Hit Brazoria County, Texas

P. F. Sollars, John E. Walters


The Danbury Field is a piercement Previous HitsaltNext Hit Previous HitdomeNext Hit, which was discovered in 1930 following seismograph work. Since that time subsurface geology has led to the discovery of numerous reservoirs in beds ranging from upper Miocene to lower Frio in age. Production is obtained from fault segments over the Previous HitdomeNext Hit and on the flanks with several fault segments and deeper sands remaining to be tested. The structure is extremely complex, with changes in sedimentation and numerous faults occurring over the Previous HitdomeNext Hit. The faults in the overlying sediment coincide with scarps on the Previous HitsaltNext Hit face. These scarps, plus the sedimentation and unusual shape of the Previous HitsaltTop plug, suggest a growth history different from that of most domes in the Gulf Coast area.

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