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GCAGS Transactions


Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies Transactions
Vol. 15 (1965), Pages 201-219

Fault Criteria

Francis F. Campbell


Examples of six criteria for fault interpretation of seismic data in East Texas and the Gulf Coast are presented on a series of maps and cross sections. The six criteria are: 1) correlation of reflection horizons which bracket the producing objective; 2) projection of a fault Previous HitfromNext Hit a shallow bed with correlatable reflections to a deep producing objective; 3) variation between geological correlations and geophysical dips; 4) misclosure around a grid unit of seismic control; 5) dip pattern along several lines of control; and 6) Previous HitdiffractionNext Hit. The Previous HitdiffractionNext Hit example includes results of fault model experiments in the laboratory. Although each example was selected as a particularly clear illustration of one criterion, fault interpretation generally depends on a combination of several criteria. Additional criteria for fault interpretation may be used. The criteria presented are not infallible, and they do not detect very small faults.

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