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Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies Transactions
Vol. 21 (1971), Pages 66-66

Abstract: Geology and Geophysics of East Previous HitNancyNext Hit Field, Clarke County, Mississippi

Marvin Oxley (1), Daniel E. Herlihy (2)


East Previous HitNancyNext Hit Field, discovered in April 1968, produces from two intervals. The upper Smackover reservoir is oolitic limestone. The lower reservoir is a sandstone generally called Norphlet Formation by the industry but included in the Smackover Formation in this paper.

Accumulation is the result of closure on a low relief salt anticline. The structure is "buried", exhibiting no reversal on beds above the Cotton Valley Formation. Consequently, shallow subsurface and gravity interpretations offer little aid in delineating the anomaly. East Previous HitNancyTop was first drilled, and apparently condemned, by Southwest Gas Producing Company in 1959, following an extensive conventional seismic program. The discovery well was located on the basis of CDP data, which defined the structure.

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(1) Bison Oil Company.

(2) Consulting geophysicist.

Jackson, Mississippi 39216

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