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GCAGS Transactions


Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies Transactions
Vol. 38 (1988), Pages 283-290

Stratigraphic and Structural Interpretations Using Previous HitDiffractionNext Hit Seismograms

Richard K. Snavely (1), A.K.M. Sarwar (1)


A two dimensional seismic Previous HitdiffractionNext Hit modeling method has been applied to an east-west cross-section across Bay Marchand Blocks 2-4 located one and a quarter miles north of the Bay Marchand/South Timbalier area boundary. A twenty layer geologic depth model has been constructed Previous HitfromNext Hit the correlation of SP-induction and sonic well logs. Each layer has been assigned a velocity determined Previous HitfromNext Hit the corresponding sonic logs and a density approximated Previous HitfromNext Hit Gardner's rule. A synthetic seismogram has been generated Previous HitfromNext Hit the geologic depth model using a Previous HitdiffractionNext Hit modeling computer program.

Both the synthetic seismogram and the seismic field trace illustrate a piercement salt dome, graben faulting, pinchout reflectors and salt truncation reflectors. The reflector shapes, the shadow zone due to faulting and the Previous HitdiffractionNext Hit pattern which outlines the boundary of the salt dome on the synthetic seismic section are similar to those on the field seismic section.

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