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GCAGS Transactions


Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies Transactions, 2011
Pages 363-372

Regional Study of Fractures in Cretaceous Rocks of the Campeche Sound, Southern Gulf of Mexico

N. J. Robles, G. D. Obispo, F. L. B. Sanchez, R. J. Zaldivar, M. J. Ruiz, S. F. Monroy, G. M. A. De Anda, E. D. De La Cruz, G. L. Villa


In the southern Gulf of Mexico Basin, it has been discover important oilfields in naturally fractured carbonates. Fractures are the most important flow fluids paths that provided the main production in these fields. Therefore, is very important to identify at regional scale these conductive fracture systems.

Ninety-four well cores from sixty eight wells were analyzed in an area that covers more than 16,000 km2. These studies were performed using the methodology of Mexican Petroleum Institute, which considers fracture measurement in cores unoriented, well logs interpretation, and analysis of the porosity and permeability calibrated with petrophysical data. Also we made a very preliminary fracture characterization based on the structural diagenetic petrography analyses, using oriented thin sections, a methodology developed by Pemex, to identify conductive fracture sets and characterize fracture attributes.

Three main fracture sets were identified: NE-SW, NW-SE and N-S. NE-SW fractures are the most important conductive fracture set and they are partially open in most of the area. Our first interpretation is that the origin of conductive fracture sets has a structural control. The conductive fractures identified, enhance the permeability in the reservoirs, and therefore have high impact in wells production of the most oil and gas fields. We use these as a guide for exploration wells and to help also in well designs to improve wells productivity.

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