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GCAGS Transactions


Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies Transactions, 2011
Pages 93-104

Salt Provinces in the Mexican Portion of the Gulf of Mexico—Structural Characterization and Evolutionary Model

Miguel Angel Cruz-Mercado, Juan Carlos Flores-Zamora, Ramon Leon-Ramirez, Hector Gilberto Lopez-Cespedes, Rolando Heberto Peterson-Rodriguez, Enrique Reyes-Tovar, Raymundo Sanchez-Rivera, David Barrera-Gonzalez


An integration of the salt tectonics knowledge achieved by Pemex Exploration and Production in the exploration of petroleum basins in the southern Gulf of Mexico was made. Data from several previous studies were integrated and reinterpreted using current concepts of structural geology, tectonic and sedimentation based on the interpretation of regional lines, including onshore and offshore seismic data.

The regional framework from the seismic lines interpretation led a better understanding of the deformation events, its effects in the structural evolution of the salt provinces, the principal implication events, its effects in the structural evolution of the salt provinces, and the principal implications for the petroleum exploration. We established the time and space relationships between the deformation events and its effects in the petroleum systems in the two broad areas with a strong salt tectonic influence in Mexico, denominated as the North Gulf Salt Province and South Gulf Salt Province. In these provinces were defined ages, and directions and effects of extensional gravity linked systems, as well as the identification of preferred areas where the potential structural traps have been re-deformed by overlapped regional deformation events in different episodes trough time, this having important implications in trap preservation and development of secondary porosity associated to fractures.

Based on the original salt thickness, and shapes and geometry present in each province, a sub-provinces map was built, which was subdivided into sectors characterized by its predominant structural style.

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