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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Indonesian Petroleum Association


14th Annual Convention Proceedings (Volume 1), 1985
Pages 323-331

Operating Experience of Gas Previous HitLiftNext Hit Macaroni Safety Valves

Soepriyadi, Helderle Geyelin


After trying several Previous HitartificialNext Hit Previous HitliftNext Hit systems, TOTAL INDONESIE has prefered to apply and develop gas Previous HitliftNext Hit for its Bekapai and Handil fields.

All the wells completed after 1979 were equipped with gas Previous HitliftNext Hit mandrels. The old wells completed previously, however, were not equipped with. A heavy work over to fit these old wells with gas Previous HitliftNext Hit mandrels and the annular safety devices needed for gas Previous HitliftNext Hit is not always economically feasible; it costs 1 to 2 million US.$.

A new technique has been designed to convert these old wells from natural flow to gas Previous HitliftNext Hit using macaroni tubing inserted into the existing completion string.

The necessity to fit downhole safety valve (DHSV) for offshore fields has obliged to design gas-Previous HitliftNext Hit macaroni down hole safety valve (GL DHSV) which is operated from surface through a hydraulic control line. To obtain a larger production flow passage and better DHSV design, a gas injection through macaroni and production flow through annulus macaroni and tubing is preferable than the reverse.

Its performance in the fields has proven that using the GLM DHSV:

• Gas Previous HitliftNext Hit can be performed safety and easily without having to pull out and replace the existing completion string with a string equipped in gas Previous HitliftNext Hit mandrel or with a smaller string.

• The gas Previous HitliftNext Hit system involves less amount of gas compared to conventional gas Previous HitliftNext Hit in where the injected gas occupes the whole casing tubing annulus (above top packer). Moreover the casing will not be in contact with injected gas which is sometime corrosive.

• In dual completion, the design and optimisation of macaroni gas Previous HitliftTop can be done more easily than a conventional one since each string is independent from the other.

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