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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Indonesian Petroleum Association


15th Annual Convention Proceedings (Volume 2), 1986
Pages 227-241

An Overview of the Performance of Gas Previous HitLiftNext Hit Operations in the Ardjuna Fields, Java Sea

J. A. Davidson, C. M. Victors


The Ardjuna Field is a complex of producing structures located offshore Northwest Java. Twenty eight separate fields have been developed to date. Each of these geologic structures is characterized by multiple producing horizons of dissimilar reservoir properties and production mechanisms. Due to the numerous pay zones, the majority of the development wells were equipped with dual tubing strings, multiple packers and sliding sleeve assemblies.

During development, Atlantic Richfield Indonesia Inc. (ARII), made an early commitment to Previous HitartificialNext Hit Previous HitliftNext Hit and gas Previous HitliftNext Hit mandrels were installed in most wells during initial completion. Previous HitLiftNext Hit gas has been supplied either from field compressor plants or from the natural energy of gas reservoirs. Previous HitArtificialNext Hit Previous HitliftNext Hit has become a vital part of ARII's operation in the Ardjuna Field with 157 of 301 wells currently under gas Previous HitliftNext Hit. Gas Previous HitliftNext Hit accounts for 43% of current production.

This paper provides an overview of our gas Previous HitliftNext Hit operations. Emphasis is placed on past performance and techniques used to overcome problems that have been encountered in design and operation of our gas Previous HitliftTop systems.

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