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Indonesian Petroleum Association


20th Annual Convention Proceedings (Volume 2), 1991
Pages 279-292

Infill Drilling Program in a Strong Water Drive Reservoir - Bekasap Field

Yanto Sianipar, Mariwu Dengah


Bekasap Field, one of seven major fields in PT. Caltex Pacific Indonesia's (CPI's) area of operations, has been experiencing infill drilling projects since its discovery in June 1955. This mature field has a strong bottom water aquifer in the Lower Sihapas Formation and a weaker edge water aquifer in both the Upper and Lower Sihapas Formations. Originally, the field was developed on 124 acre-spacing along the crest of the reservoir. Subsequent drilling programs have brought the current number of wells to 68. Well spacing in the Upper Sihapas is now mostly 62 acres with limited areas of 31 acres along the crest; while Lower Sihapas well spacing is largely 31 acres with limited areas of 16 acres along the crest.

This paper discusses the planning, execution and evaluation of the infill drilling program in Bekasap Field as one example of strong water drive sandstone reservoirs. The results are evaluated mainly for their effectiveness in addressing the water coning problem, recovering the by-passed oil potential and increasing the ultimate recovery of the field.

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