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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Indonesian Petroleum Association


27th Annual Convention Proceedings, 2000
Pages 1-8

Seismic Imaging in Anisotropic Media. or... "A Better Way to Previous HitMoveoutNext Hit and Migrate Long Offset Data"

Rolf Klotz, Martin Bayly, Sue Downie, Swee Leng


Anisotropic effects are observed for the Previous HitmoveoutNext Hit Previous HitvelocityNext Hit on surface seismic data as reflection angles increase. An alternative to conventional means of moving out non-zero offset data is derived by direct mathematical substitution of Snells Law into a non hyperbolic Previous HitmoveoutNext Hit equation. This Apparent Anisotropic Previous HitMoveoutNext Hit method has been named AAMO. The effectiveness of this process is demonstrated on a full elastic synthetic model and real data. It provides a cost effective and more exact alternative to "high order" Previous HitmoveoutNext Hit approximations. This process produces benefits when larger reflection angles are retained in processing for studies such as amplitude variation with offset (AVO) and depth conversion Previous HitvelocityTop analysis. Anisotropic effects are also present when imaging steeply dipping events. The usefulness of the AAMO equation is demonstrated by use of a Kirchhoff pre stack time migration that takes anisotropy into account.

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