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New Gas Lift Valve Design Stabilizes Injection Rates

T. Tokar, Z. Schmidt, C. Tuckness

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... Lift Manual, Teledyne Merla, Garland, Texas. 11. Brown, K.E., The Technology of Artificial Lift Methods, Petroleum Publishing Company, Tulsa Oklahoma...


Workovers: Part 9. Production Engineering Methods

Alan F. Osborne

AAPG Special Volumes

..., packers, wireline components, safety valves, or artificial lift equipment are also reflected in the well performance. Cement and casing problems...


Electrical Power Cost Reduction Methods in Oil and Gas Fields - Workshop Summary

Russell Ott, Dieter Becker, David Dismukes, John Gibson, Ray Lasseigne


... costs by improving artificial lift efficiencies, using total well management, generating their own electricity, and seizing opportunities created...


Use of Cable Suspended Submersible Pump Systems in the Java Sea

Luis Caycedo

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... presents the selection of artificial lift equipment for the "X" field. The mechanical hook-up covering the different equipment components is presented...


Integrated Reservoir-Surface Facilities Network Analysis

Wahyu Djatmiko, Maizar Rahman, Erie Soedarmo

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... of Artificial Lift Methods, Petroleum. Publishing Com. Dukler, A.E., 1996. Gas Liquid Flow in Pipelines, AGA and API Monograph, Project NX-28. Mucharam, L...


Application of Real-Time Bottom-Hole Pressure to Improve Field Development Strategies in the Midland Basin Wolfcamp Shale

Kyle Scott, Weichun Chu, Raymond W. Flumerfelt

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... require artificial lift very early in their producing lives, and the efficiency of horizontal well artificial lift techniques to drawdown the BHP must...


Heterogeneity Across the Lateral: Coupling Reservoir Fluid Typing and Reservoir Rock Properties to Improve Understanding of Tight Liquid-Rich Plays

Raj Malpani, Isaac Easow, Shirley Indriati, Katharine Moncada

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... suggestions for pressure management to delay the negative impacts of multiphase flow and upfront indication for artificial lift selection to optimize...


Kenmore: A Mature Field Rejuvenated

S. A. Allahwala

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... of artificial lift (beam pumps) employed was not capable of lifting large fluid volumes. Furthermore, the performance of these wells indicated significant...


McCutchen and West McCutchen Fields Coke County, Texas

J. B. Jordan

Abilene Geological Society

... of the sand ranges up to 3500 millidarcys. Production Data, McCutchen Field Year Flowing Artificial Lift Yearly Cumulative 1950 5 0 36, 958 36, 958...


ESP/Gas Lift as a Hybrid Artificial Lift which Successfully Produces an Exploration Well with Unknown Gor from an Unconsolidated Sand in Malacca Strait Indonesia

Faizal Ardi W, Fajar Rizky H, Bayu Adhi P, Panca Suci W, Jafet

Indonesian Petroleum Association

...ESP/Gas Lift as a Hybrid Artificial Lift which Successfully Produces an Exploration Well with Unknown Gor from an Unconsolidated Sand in Malacca...


Acidizing Stimulation Breakthrough using Chelating Acidizing System at Sandstone Formation and Limestone Formation

K. Amru, N.F. Prakoso, H. Kusuma, R. Afandi, A.N. Muklas

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... is dominated at the wellbore for casing, tubing, artificial lift, and so on, That is why we must add the acid additive for iron control and corrosion...


Gas Distribution Enhancement in Kaji-Semoga Fields, South Sumatra, Indonesia

Irfan Eka Wardhana, Nasrur Bustamar

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... daily. Gas is utilized in artificial lift (gas lift gas, up to 40 mmscfd), pressure maintenance (gas injection gas, up to 5 mmscfd), power generation...


Vaca Muerta: Challenging the Paradigm of Producing From a Shale formation

Juan F. Martinez, Juan I. Alvarez Claramunt

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... artificial lift systems suitable for this type of flow behavior. Variables and operational challenges encountered in the production of the Vaca Muerta...


A Simple-Effective-EfficientŽ Analytical Model for Multi-Well Gas Lift Allocation Optimization,

Ricky Aditiya Fandi, Saesarian Izwardy, Silvya D. Rahmawati, Pudjo Sukarno

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... Sukarno* based on this analytical model to conduct a simulation test. ABSTRACT Gas lift is one of the most common artificial lift methods used...


New Mexico Delaware Basin Horizontal Well Heel Frac and Refrac Program and Hydraulic Fracture Diagnostics

Mei Han, Ivan Tanakov, Estevan Bunker, Travis Vulgamore

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... can impede placement of artificial lift equipment. After the initial production has declined, however, adding heel stages can yield meaningful...



Karamat Ali, Ijaz A. Khan, M. Iqbal Sahto, and Sajid Mahmood

Search and

... with an integrated plan and keeping focus on environmental issues. The field is currently producing at around 800 BOPD on artificial lift. AAPG Search...


Abstract: Listening Downhole with Light, Fibre Optics and Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) Transforming the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry; #90224 (2015)

Todd D. Bown, Jim E. Roy, David Hill, and Denis Onen

Search and

... fracture profiling, production profiling, injection profiling, artificial lift monitoring, and the acquisition of wellbore seismic data such as VSP...


Rigless ESP Deploymemnt Technology Pilot Success in Offshore Indonesia

Roy Arthur Sitorus, Achmad Mansur, Zahazny Rahamanda, Ichromi Zamzami, Andrianto, Arun Kumar Rajain

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... Rajain** ABSTRACT There comes a point in the life of the well when artificial lift technologies become a necessity due to lack of required natural...


Improving Electrical Energy Efficiency In E&P Operations - Workshop Summary

Larry Smith, Tyrone Browning, Darren Schmidt, Lynn Rowlan, Ron Evitt, Chris Brostuen


... new artificial lift technologies, pump-off controllers, microturbines, total well management processes (for sucker rod-lift wells; field automation...


Abstract: Norman Wells Field …a Long History of Oil Production in the Central Mackenzie Valley; #90187 (2014)

Ron Babiy

Search and

... local markets. In 1982 a major expansion of the field was undertaken by Imperial Oil, which included the construction of 6 artificial islands...


Production Optimization of Unconsolidated Oil Reservoirs in the Handil Field, Mahakam Delta, Indonesia

Silmi Marisa, Prayudi Noverri, Antus Mahardhini, Izzad Abidiy

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... & volumetric approach. Perform dynamic synthesis based on well correlation to define   4. Artificial Lift: gas lift from existing gas lift mandrel or gas...


Neural Network Application on Selection of the Best Correlation of Multiphase Flow in Pipes

Riko Abdillah, Tutuka Ariadji

Indonesian Petroleum Association

.... A Study of Two-Phase Flow in Including Pipes, SPE 4007. Brown, K.E., 1977. The Techonology of Artificial Lift Methods, 1, Tulsa. Duns, H., Jr. and Ros...


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